Online weblog survey by June Tan

June Tan is a Master's student studying in University of Malaya. She is writing a thesis, titled "Is blogging an effective tool to democratize Malaysia?"

She have prepared a survey that breaks into 3 parts. The questionnaire is composed mostly of Multiple Choice Questions, and is divided into three parts: Part I: General Demography (12 questions). Part II: For Blog Readers (14 questions). Part III: For Bloggers (11 questions). Please fill in this questionnaire only if you are a blog reader/blogger residing in Malaysia, or a blog reader/blogger of Malaysian nationality residing abroad.It is to gather more data about Malaysian blogger. You can view the questions here. You can also visit her blog here . Good luck, with the survey!

NSTP + Utusan = ?

Quoted from The Eedge Daily: "The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Bhd (NSTP) and Utusan Melayu (Malaysia) Bhd may be on the verge of a merger to create the country’s largest media group. "

Am I reading this right? First, the aquasition of all free TV under Media Prima, then the merger of Sime Darby, Golden Hope. Is we going backward? I was just reading about a Sarawak tycoon plans to buy stakes in Nanyang Press Holdings Bhd and distribute it to the Chinese community. That's good. Then this. (update 2/12/06)

Mergers is not an alien practice in business. It does have it benefits. But newspapers? Do people want to read a monotonous and one sided reports? Oh, this must be the end of Malaysia journalism. I mean quality journalism.

Pahit Manis - Datuk Ahmad A Talib

Bloggers, rejoice! Another big name in local journalism have stared his own blog, Pahit Manis by Datuk Ahmad A Talib will be one of many blogs written by x-NST jurnalist. Former NSTP Group Editor and current communications consultant to Maxis/Astro. We already have Datuk A. Kadir Jasin then Ahirudin bin Attan. Who else after this? So, still want to read NST? This is a comment from a fellow reader of Datuk Ahmad's blog, sharing the exect sentiment as i am.

I used to read NST in school but for reasons all of us knew by now, I had even asked my office's daily newspaper to be changed to the Star. Not a good sub but what choice do I have. Nice to have another blogger with a good credibility. Some of us really need the real news. And a voice too. - awas

Tinggal sebulan lagi

adik 4 bulan, originally uploaded by Syed Syahrul Zarizi.

Insyallah, anak kedua kami akan dilahirkan sekitar sebulan dari sekarang. Mengikut kiraan doktor, pada 24 Desember ini. Debaran makin terasa. Semoga semua selamat.

Billionaire Dropouts.

So, you don't go to university or even finish high school? so does these guys but that didn't stop them from becoming billionaires. See here for the full story

The history (or drama, if you want to call it that) of Steve Jobs as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur is too long to list in details. (Okay, let’s list two: he built "blue boxes" or hacking devices that allowed people to get illegal free long distance phone calls which he then used to prank call the Pope and he once backpacked around India in search of philosophical enlightenment and came back with a bald head, and wearing traditional Indian clothing).

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Perjumpaan & Anugerah GengJurnal 2006

Perjumpaan GengJurnal 2006 telah pun berlangsung pada hari Sabtu yang lepas. Antara upacara wajib pada setiap perjumpaan ialah penyampaian anugerah GengJurnal yang terbahagi kepada 12 kategori. Sila klik sini untuk keputusan penuh

Blogger A. Kadir Jasin by A. Kadir Jasin

pick of the week Datuk A. Kadir Jasin, former Group Editor NST Sdn Bhd and Group Editor-in-Chief of NSTP Bhd between 1988 and 2000. Now an avid blogger have just published a book taken from selected posting in his popular weblog.

The book is available in bookstores nationwide. It can also be obtained the book by coming personally to the Berita Publishing Book Centre located at 10, Jln 4/109E, Taman Desa, off Jln Klang Lama, 58100 Kuala Lumpur. (Tel:03-76208111 ext 108/109). The book is priced RM15 a copy. Got to get a copy myself.

These books would have sold like water in a desert if they had been allowed anywhere near the on-going Umno General Assembly at the PWTC. - Rockybru

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Ning - Create your own Social Websites!

Ning - Create your own Social Websites!: "Ning is the fast and free way to create custom Social Websites!" Yes, that's their tagline. Indeed, after trying it myself, I find it very handy especially for beginer. You can copy all sort of socialy networking site, for example, video, photo and group site and make it your own. The registration is simple and handy. No hassle what so ever.

Other notable functions is the ability to mashup photo and video with maps and soo on. Although, I think the limited ability to customize the your site's look with a simple template editor (which Blogger have, for example) was it biggest letdown. User might find it troublesom to change it, especially those who do not understand programming.

Read what Techcrunch, Mashable and O'Reilly think about Ning.

Malaysia is slipping (or is it sleeping)?

In a report from Bloomberg, Malaysia is slipping in some areas. Politic, economy, you name it.

1. Foreign direct investments in Malaysia.
Fell to $3.97 billion in 2005 from $4.62 billion in 2004, last month's World Investment Report 2006 said. Indonesia, which drew $5.26 billion of foreign-direct investments last year, overtook Malaysia as Asia's sixth-most attractive country.

2. Corruption Index.
Malaysia slipped to 44th in the 2006 Corruption Perceptions Index from 39th last year.

It's time to do the fire fighting again, I supposed?

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Support Creative Commons

pick of the weekThere are few ways to support, maybe a button for your website? Creative Commons have been busy with activities & competitions. Here are some of it.

1. Photo Contest on Flickr.
The contest is part of Creative Commons’ Annual Fundraising Campaign andruns through December 18, 2006. Contest information and rules can be found at here.

2. The annual Creative Commons Competition.
It will be announced at the Community Building Event on December 13, 2006. Any Question please go to Isummit.

Any question regarding the above please contact Alina Ng at or call 03-83153306

Creative Commons needs your support to help enable a participatory culture – a culture in which everyone can actively engage in the creativity that surrounds us. We need your support to assure access to cultural, scientific, and educational content that has been pre-cleared for use by its authors.

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Laman web tempatan khusus untuk fotografi digital telah berpindah sepenuhnya ke laman baru. Syabas!

Berlandaskan satu tema khusus setiap bulan atau sesi, kini situs ini juga telah menjadi satu medan persahabatan yang utuh. Kata kunci di sini adalah kolaborasi, tiada nilai-nilai komersial atau sebarang aktiviti mencari keuntungan di sini, hanya pengumpulan manusia dan hasil kerja mereka yang ikhlas atas dasar minat dan setiakawan.

Lagi Gamba Raya

Haziq dengan Atok

Fadzly tengah usha cerita melayu kat TV

Aiman, muka terkejut (ke exited ke, ntah)

Haziq hooded

Perjumpaan GengJurnal 2006

Terkini : 16.11.06

Kepada semua yang hadir ke perjumpaan ini, mereka akan mendapat secara percuma senaskah zine 72 halaman, RAPAT. Antara kandungan menarik di dalamnya ialah keputusan bancian weblog Malaysia. Kepada yang tidak dapat hadir, masih lagi berpeluang untuk memiliki zine ini. Sila hubungi 0193618501

Tarikh : 18.11.2006, Sabtu.
Tempat : Cafe Al'amo, Kelab Sultan Sulaiman, Kg. Baru
Tema : Hari Raya
Bayaran Penyertaan : RM50

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Web designers Success Guide : How to profit from freelance web design

pick of the week If you are a budding wed designer and want to make freelancing a serious gig, check out this free book by Kevin Airgid. It is easy to understand, fill with tips and insider information. You can download all 81 pages of his book for free at FITC. Very cool.

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Sesi bergambar keluarga di rumah Along, Kota Masai, Johor.

Tahun ini, kami beraya di rumah atok di Sarang Buaya, Semerah, Batu Pahat. Selesai sahaja marhaban kenduri doa selamat di rumah pusaka Tok Abah kami beransur ke Bandar Baru Uda, rumah mertua. Oleh kerana keadaan Fadhilah yang sedang sarat, bergerakkan kami tidak selincah tahun lepas. Haziq bertambah ligat dengan kebolehan baru, berjalan tanpa memegang tembok. Sandle raya dia pun boleh tahan stylo.

Kami hanya beraya ke rumah kawan-kawan terdekat. Oleh kerana cuti panjang, ramai yang masih di kampung. Dan seperti tahun-tahun lepas, saat yang kami tunggu-tunggu, gambar raya kami sekeluarga.

Malaysian are increasing dependent on the web for news, rather then newspaper.

Newspaper readership worldwide seem to be slipping, according to a study in the US. According to Newsday. Traditional newspaper continue to lose ground to electronic and internet news outlet that seem to grow at a very fast rate.

The study also showed that from Q2 2005 to Q2 2006, the active reach of newspaper sites rose from 28.7 to 35.6 percent of the U.S. Web population, pageviews increased from 1.65 to over 2.5 billion, and pages per person climbed from 39 to 45.8.

Majority of major newspapers worldwide today have their own version of electronic newspaper. People are allowed to browse the latest news on their website, which is very close to the paper version. It is usually free but there are also some that charge user for a more detail and refine version on their electronic newspaper.


Apart from the usual news taken from news agencies, there is also a growing number of social networking website that allow user to submit news and hot topic to them, instead of relying on news agencies. These sites, such as Digg, Netscape and Newsvine are very popular because they did not only read the news but even contribute it to the website. This kind of website seem to be increasing popular with readers

Major daily newspaper

In Malaysia, number of users visiting newspaper’s website is increasing. The Star seem to be the most popular local news website, meanwhile for major Malay daily, there is not much differences between Berita Harian and Utusan Malaysia. This is only newspaper websites and did not include e-zines or news portal in Malaysia.

The reason? It easier to browse news on certain topic on the internet. And it's cheap, virtually free.