Essential websites for everyday web surfers

How many of us have the time to surf all of our favourite websites every time we go online? Here are some of the essential website that can maximise your limited time each time your are on cyberspace.


If you are like me, like to browse the web and wish I had more time to visit each of my favorites website, you probably would instantly love this Popurls. It is a simple, one page website that compile all the popular websites, from bookmarks (, Reddit) photo (flickr) to news (Google News) and video (YouTube). There are also feeds from popular website on technology and the list are endless.

The layout is easy to understand and can be adjusted to reader’s preference. It is a must for surfers with limited time in hand.


How many of us download music from the web? There are lots of websites offering latest music downloads but chances are, majority of the musics are either too bubble pop or annoying for me. Want to search for your own music? Bit torrent website is cool but can be a hassle and p2p software (such as Limewire) requires installation. Maybe the answer is G2P. It is simple and hassle free.

Just type the band you searching for and click to any of the link provided. It is free and easy. Apart from music, you can also search for software.


Schoolr is a search engine with a bit of twist. It is not as powerful as Google but it does help a lot with different choices it offers. For someone that is searching for information, Schoolr does fetch and crawl the web efficiently for answers. Kids, and moms, make this your default homepage now.


Sms or short text messaging have been such an important part of our daily life. We talk and send short messages all the time. There are websites offering sms services from the internet but not without their shortcoming. Either it cost you to register for the service or it is limited to certain selected provider.

GizmoSms is an internet sms service that is free and let you send text message to 65 countries. That is, my friend, a lot. It is simple to use and the message didn’t take too arrive either. Try it.


If you are a Web 2.0 junkie and always on the lookout of new Web 2.0 related websites and services, you may want to check out this website. Go2web20 is a complete directory of all Web 2.0 websites out there. Tons of websites to check out and browse through, the interface are very cool but can take a while to fully display all the websites. User can use the search box to find their preferred website and they can also suggest new website.


Anonymous said...

p2g ke g2p?

syed syahrul zarizi b syed abdullah said...

TQ la bro! mata memang tajam!

Unknown said...

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