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Splitter cable to disabling AGC on Canon 550d and 7d

If you are a user of Canon EOS 550d or 7d i'm sure many of you are familiar with the agc problem. The camera's microphone will automatically adjust the volume to suite the ambience and would often amplify the background sound. I've managed to built a cable system that have been proven and tested with the canon camera and it is super cheap!

The cable will split the sound source to 2, while one line is recording the original sound intended to be recorded, the other line will be feed with dummy low frequency sound that will trick the camera into thinking it is recording the ambiece sound, this disabling the agc

Please google the word 'canon eos 550d agc problem' to fully understand the problem. Want one?

Wonder Stuff Super Store Beta version launched

Setelah menerima sambutan yang menggalakkan di, Wonder Stuff kini membuka online store sendiri. Masih belum live, anda boleh browse dan baca terma dan syarat kalau nak join in the fun! link

Maskara shorties

Maskara Shorties - Timelapse from Syed Syahrul Zarizi on Vimeo.

Kejap. Kalau mat saleh boleh buat filem mimpi lepas tu meletup, maknanya ok la filem yg ada scene mimpi2 ni. mimpi 4 lapis lagi tuu. Nak baca review maskara sila tengok link ni