footnote : brief history of yesterday

19/8/2003 Isnin, 9.00 malam. Why the date and all? It was significantly important, after emotional start to a very mundane morning, I finally felt free. The weather was wet but sunny. My eyes may still feel puffy and tight. It may not be cleared as it used to. Not today. Today is quite different. Looking at the office door, I swear I could see the sexy girl next door walking to the pantry with big red mug in her hand. It wasn't super power but utter concentration. I was sitting by my desk writing these sentences down in my green notebook and then stared at the wall for the next two or three hours. Loser. Right? It may not seem as bad as it sound. I can smile easier now and I bet by 8.00pm my mother will already start talking about 3 different types of rings and what color should she paint the house. Are there enough plates and glasses and spoons and forks? Should we rent it? We should right? And by midnight Fadh will called and tell me about her trip to Jaya Jusco. Everything will be okay then, I sleep at 12.00 pm and wake up refreshed the next day, hopefully there won't be any ducks in front of my house waiting to take a bite at my tasty butt. Fadh still kept the cards that I gave her last time when we were in love. Not that many but certainly quantity wasn't the issue here. She wrote to me emotional emails with details I don't even remember. The sincerity was touching. Sweet in a way that nearly bring tears to my eyes. My throat felt funny after reading it. I chuckled for a moment to digest the words and memory. No other small things have touched me so dearly as that email has for a very long time.

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