the stringless guitar - let it be CD/EP

I got a copy of this from mokh a few months ago. We met at fizi’s house and I gave his some copies of sireh & cengkeh zine for friends in KL. I know Mokh have a fast, angry-thrash band called flashback and the have performed once in
plaza seni late last year.

It was a three piece band back then as mokh can’t make it due to some problems. It was an outdoor show, simple and loose, without any argenda to follow. Din kambing and Plague Of happiness also performed and Plague turned out to be the crowd favourite, playing a tight set comprising of their songs from theit namban CD plus some not so-new but unreleased classic.
But this time, it is a different project altogether. Everything in this CD is very much the opposite of what one might espect after hearing Fastbact. The similarity of the two project is that both are raw and honest. As fastback sound more urgent and loud in conveying their message through to the listeners, this project, with the moniker ‘the stringless guitar’ are more laidback and took the listener through a melancholic journey through a soudscape of simple and multiple layered sound of guitar and emotional singing

I believe this is the first projest by mokh under zine , a publication he start sometime ago. This CD have 5 songs in it and was played with passion, everything are worth listening through. The sound was raw and low fi. Logh and omar, the other half of the band have shown that this band have a lot of soul in it. Really looking forward to their live performance. I don’t know if this CD if for sale or not. Contact then for more info at or

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