…..is like watching Minor Threat in action in DC or The Ramones in CBGB

Seeing Battle Of Disarm live in Taman University is like watching Minor Threat in action in DC or The Ramones in CBGB. It is that important to some people. No wonder that day, when Battle Of Disarm toured South East Asia, many from as far away as Australia, America and Europe come here to Malaysia or Singapore to watch them perform.

pick of the week When the first time Fizi said to me that BOD would be coming to Malaysia, I just brushed it off like hungry mosquito on a feeding frenzy. You go camping one day and forget to bring mosquito repellent and by morning time, bite marks are all over you. Anyway, only after the last confirmation from Masaki-san and the official flyers was released, the dream was just something that is waiting to be realized. The Malaysia gig was originally slated to be played in the multi purpose hall at Larkin. Dewan Dato Onn. A legendary venue, no less to the local kids, the situation suddenly changes when national election was announced to be on the same day of the gig. The time then was less than two month and when Fizi thinks everything was running smoothly according to schedule, things like this happens. Fizi had to act fast and finally decided to change the venue from JB to KL.

I personally was very disappointed. Even though BOD will be playing in Singapore the day before they play in Malaysia, I think the JB gig will be no less explosive. The gig took place in 3 countries in 3 days. How punk rock was that! I went to Singapore to meet the guys from Voco Protesta, Power Of idea that will touring with Battle Of Disarm. Oliver from Cluster Bomb Unit tagged along and will be playing with Power Of Idea. They arrive later than expected, nearly two in the morning. For the majority of them, that was their first time coming to Singapore. I think Masaki and Naoki was the only person that had been to Singapore and Malaysia.

It was a busy week for me and I opted not to go to Jakarta along with them. Fadh was all okay about it but being a little mellow and not so keen to travel that far in a short time, not to mention the short time frame. So I just have to make do with the tall tales Fizi being telling me on how they were mobbed in Jakarta and the venue was so packed and chaotic that police have to come in and stop the gig. The crowds were estimated around 3000 people, easy. Maybe more.

The Singapore show was a more relax affair with less-Jakarta like atmosphere. They played in Singapore Expo in which have plenty of hall for every occasion. The hall was air conditioned, really cozy for a punk rock show. Some kids that were hoping to watch Disney On Ice found themselves in a hall full with sweaty kids jumping around like crazy.

This is very silly. I don’t even went to any of the gigs and here I am trying to describe the excitement in full detail. Well, I can’t. I didn’t went to the KL show because have to pick up my mother at the Stulang Feri Terminal. I’d had witness a great storm while we were eating in Larking Bus Terminal. It starts with ordinary drizzle before a thunderous storm ripped apart many trees around larking, leaving two or three cars crashed at the terminal’s parking lot. I do witness that first hand. I’m not making that up.

The KL show was okay but what was really disappointing that someone stole the band’s banner. Darn, what a stupid thing to do..

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