The Lamp’s Flame; A tribute to Emily Dickinson’s altruism

Emily Dickinson had an active imagination, which
fortunately, she devoted to the service of poetry.
We salute this weaver of words, and her bard’s loom
of originality. A setback in Emily’s literary career was her editors’

Emily was saddened that editors changed her words and
the punctuation of the six poems of hers, which
were published while she was living.
Emily understood that by an altruistic act, one can gain
satisfaction and meaning,
When she wrote in her poem, not in vain, “if i can stop
one heart from breaking, i shall not live in vain.”
Indeed, Emily, who found a purpose when she could”help
one fainting robin unto his nest again.”
Has furnished quite a cozy nest of poetic legacy, which
survives and remains, like the lamp’s flame of light
in a library room when it rains

Note: by joan kikel danylak, taken from sireh & cengkeh zine #1

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