Antara Johor dan Jakarta

I was going thru old floppy disk and discovered this writing I wrote when I was in Jakarta in early 2002. It was a very memorable trip. I was planning to write a travel jurnal but as you can see, this was all I got

I was told there is no roti canai here. And the mee bandung is much better in our place then in bandung. People here eats katak ( which they affectionately call kodok, not to me mistaken for cucuq kodoq, jemput-jemput).

Monday 11
ira's mom was very nice and went with us to the train station to buy tickets to bandung. There will be five of us including Bonnie. The road to the train station was congested, as normally does in Jakarta. It took courage and skill to drive here. Things seem to be so calm and relax that people don't mind if others cuts in front of them. Even with no signals. At a roundabout, there were people gathering around, in a protest like manner to collect money for the recent floods victims around Jakarta. Kids and skinny man, holding out magazines and newspapers to hot and sweaty motorist. The sun haven't shine yet, and it was only 12 in the afternoon. We met Tita in Cenere mall around 7 o clock with 3 others of his friends. He lives around Jakarta and was working in a cybercafe in Kalimantan.

I was very excited that day. The last time I went to Singapore was about 11 years ago and since then, don't have the slightest desire to visit it again. Don't asked me why. Lin have to work that day and from lin's house, we took a taxi straight to the causeway. That jam, the people, the smell. That maybe why I don't wanna be in Singapore, I'm guessing. soo away yet, familiar in a very un nostalgic way. That MRT ride from woodland to keranji was short and gave me some time to view the changes and Singapore development. A silver impreza WRX was lining up in the congested expressway, maybe, with the driver cursing himself for not taking the MRT. From Singapore 5.30 pm flight Garuda 829 take about 1 hour 20 minute to arrive. Was greeted by uncle Rahim or jefry as he is known here after being left out alone at Sukarno Hatta airport for about 20 minute. Ira arrived about 45 minute later and we later went to her place, in the centre of south Jakarta. Ira's mother had prepared for us delicious nasi tomato and daging kurma for diner. her place was very nice, a penthouse with a view to kill for, it was perfect and you can see almost everything from the balcony. Along the river coconut trees lining up just like it was ordered to do. So well behave. The river is like the vein that run from heart to brain. If it dried up, everyone will suffocate. polution will effect everyone and every life along it line.

pupen was BIG then. lagend in their own right. Not only in Bandung. Sad to see Marcel now going mainstream, lame.

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