black cofee was the new green that year. everything was red, even the roses know to act 'red' eventhough they were actually yello. never overshadowing their cousins, they compliment the red counterparts beautifully, giving life to the house. it was a middle size post colonial, single storey house styled in a typical upper class malay. it has big lawn. the house was positioned at the right side and this gave an ample space for flower plants and fruit trees at the left side to share the sun and space together. a beautiful gazebo at one end of the garden was left intentionally to age and be covered with miss and crawling plants and parasit. marble table and bench in the middle. perfect. a small sen garden, little pebbles in greyish colour was made to surround a small pond that includes tortoise, Japanese koi, goldfish and local freshwater fishes. round, smooth rocks surrounded the pond were quite clean, as it were scrubed occasionally from dirt and were left there for a more soothing effect. bubbles floats accross the pond's surface, a sign that the fishes were happy. the edge was made in such a way that it will be hard for the tortiose to climbed out of the pond.

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