Fasting & Holly Month of Ramadan

I've started a topic in Newstoday, 'have anyone try fasting from 6 morning to 6 in the evening?' and got very interesting responses. It shows that the practice of fasting is not only limited to Islam but other religion and it is really good for body and soul.

Do Tea and Cigaretes count?If not, no - if yes - pretty much every day.I'm chasing immortality through lo calorific intake... and the vain hope that I'll be able to grow some new lungs someday.*cough. Nairn , UK

I do it often. Sometimes I forget to eat.Christians also fast, my father does. JazX , Pittsburgh US

i lost 60 pounds in high school by doing that. -scarabin- , Los Angeles , US

why would you want to not eat for 12hours? whats wrong with being fat. oBeseLilNinja , Japan

sometimes happens, but i try to avoid it, coz simply my body refuses to do anything. Fariska , Milano , Italy

i think it's important to be a master of your own body and be able to resist your animal urges; such as eating. it's a great test of'll be surprised by how weak you are without practice. -scarabin- , Los Angeles , US

I would headbutt someone if I didn't eat for 12 hours, how about a smoothie during that time, would that count? radar , Charlotte , US

why would you want to not eat for 12hours? whats wrong with being fat? oBeseLilNinja (Oct 7 05, 04:50) Frankly? Lots. Nairn , UK

12 hours is nothing - especially as a designer.....when I was pouring concrete for a living it may have mattered. bulletfactory , Kansas City, US

That is pretty easy to do. After a couple of days of fasting the hunger goes away - or so I am told. I have only gone 2 days with out food.If you cut out water though, then that would be hard. canuck , Thunder BayCA

one side of my family is jewish and the other is buddhist. between the two, we've always fasted regularly.i always feel refreshed afterwards.if you decide to fast, be sure to cut out the worst bits of your diet (red meat, refined sugar, caffeine and nicotine, where applicable) at least twice the amount of the fasting time before you begin the fast. eg: if you plan to fast for two days, give your body a buffer period of four days on either side of the fast without consuming any of those things. paraselene , London, UK

being jewish, once every year I fast for 24 hours (usually works out to about 27 hours) on Yom Kippur. I've done it every year since I was about 12. It's not really that hard, plus it makes you appreciate how people with very little access to food might feel. Baskerville , London , UK

Apa khabar syed! Saya puasa tiga hari (saya bini orang melayu). Saya puasa 7.05 - 6,35 (UK).Mana JB? Saya rumah Skudai. Malaysia boleh! nicko , Surrey , UK

that's fantastic, nicko - I'm overwhelmed by happiness for you. Nairn , UK

i fasted for a week once when i was in the army to see if I could do it.water and vitamins for a about the 2nd or 3rd day i didn't find myself hungry very the time i was done.. the smell of fried eggs and greasy burgers in the mess hall turned my stomach.took me about 2-3 weeks to go right back into regular eating habits... and that first cheeseburger tastes SOOOO good. haha.skankd0g , US

i skip dinner often when i have too much work to do, and i rarely eat does feel somewhat cleansing in a strange way. -sputnik- , Denver , US


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