The big match , 22nd January 2005

Come this Sunday, everything in England will be divided to 2 camps. Liverpool and Manchester United have always had a romantic relationship. Their rivalry is legendary and their meeting on the playing field is a sportswriter's dream of writing great article about how football is played. The sweat, the tackles, the goals, the winner and the loser. Eventually, some will not come to work the next day. They either too tired of cheering their winning team or too angry for their
team lackluster performance.

For those who breathe English football since the late 70's, Chelsea is nothing, Arsenal and Spurs is just fillers. It was Liverpool that conquer England and Europe then and if not for the lengthy band slapped on them because of the incident during the match with Juventus that leaves some spectators dead, they might even won more silverware. Ian Rush, Kenny Daglish & John Barnes. The killer forward of the time. Their classic Adidas Jersey with Candy as the sponsor. In those days, one would never doubt them even if they were 2 nill down. The end will always be good, for us.

Liverpool in the 90 is different. Great forward but disastrous defenders. It was a joke at times and Manchester finally took away all the glory and held it for some years to come. They can loose easily even if they were leading the minute before. My brothers and me remain
loyal to the KOP even though nothing was going right, for us.

When they were 3 goals down at first half during the European Championship final, I realized it was all gone. But when I turned the radio that morning and heard they actually won, I smiled all the way to office. My brother SMS me later, 'Liverpool won!'. It was no joke. No one was smiling, only us, a handful only, while others said we were lucky that night.

Maybe luck is what we need. We are not rich or famous, at least not like we used to. But being the underdog is gold. It like a Kafka thing, happy with others pessimism and be just what we should be. This time around, it will be different. No matter who win, It will always be the same, for us. Always


Izham Miyake said...

wow.. new design..

and how do u do such a digest? That's way kewl man. I love that!

Well talking about the match, i agree, those days were liverpool days.

The reason why chelsea and arsenal being very good nowadays is because they used to be cheapos so those people who want to gain fame through english football, they bought a lot of players..

Maybe i'm wrong, but i don't know, because if i have money, i'll buy those club at cheap price and start to buy players!

syed syahrul zarizi b syed abdullah said...

Thanks man, its easy, maybe i'll email you later about it

Yeah, football, like many other things, have it ups and down. If Man U still the dominant team, it will be boring, jaded and will make fans turn away. I think one should remain loyal to the club if you really love them, right?