Useful Blogging Tool Part 1

Blogging have been an integrated part of Internet culture, majority of people must have come across it at least once in their life. Not only individual but Blue Chip Company and prominent people also join in the fray. It is the most fast and effective way to connect and share though with other people. From a personal journal, it since been used a powerful tool, both in conveying news and moneymaker.

Although there are many free and ready to use blog service out there, not many is providing that many features to make you blog stand. But there are many add-on tools that can make your blog unique and reach a wider audience. Here are some of tools that I find both easy, FREE, useful and can monazite you blog.

Many people ask me how to share or integrate someone else / friends entry in their blog. There is one easy step, sign up with Feedigest. It allow you to group you favorite feed by category and generate a java script that you can put on you blog. No ads and there are plenty of style to choose from or you can make you own custom style.

RSS, ATOM and XML are the most underrated words you will ever come about in almost weblog today. It translated as a simple format of syndication there is, which allow people to grad a code which let they subscribe to you weblog. The important of this feature is a wider audience and an auto-updating process that is both easy and convenience both to you and your subscriber.

Feedburner functions are extensive. It helps to bundle all you feeds into one, such as atom (blogger), rss ( and you Flickr feed into one so people don’t have to subscribe to you different feed if you have all the web as mention. It also monitor your feed circulation, help you monetize you web and supply simple code for people to subscribe to you weblog’s feed

You can share you blog with a wider audience by signing up with Technorati. Apart from pinging you post to other members, It also ranked you bloq via the number of their users links to you blog. You can set you favorite tags that describe you blog, setup you profile and search through it extensive user list


Anonymous said...

ramai yg tunggu
1. daftar
2. daftar blog
3. entry will be sent via sms

fuh.. best..

yg aku jumpa,
update blog pakai henset. blogspot boleh. tanpa kuar 'this is servis from maxis/celcom.. bla bla' dekat 10 baris. hahaha

syed syahrul zarizi b syed abdullah said...

tula, ada pro dengan contra. kalau nak send gamba , pakai lifelogger ok, tapi kene digi je la pulak