State-of-the-art shoes to aid illegal imigrants jump border

Artist Judi Werthein has walked smack into the middle of this controversy. She is hoping to leave her footprint with a special "crossing trainer" she has designed to help illegal immigrants negotiate the sometimes deadly terrain they encounter when crossing the border from Mexico to the US. Migrants waiting for dark to hop the border fence from Tijuana into San Diego start calling out their shoe sizes when they see the boxes in Werthein's arms. People start emerging from their makeshift homes in rusted cars and the cement channel that runs parallel to the border fence and drains Tijuana's fetid run-off. Some have been waiting for months in this no-man's land for their chance to cross into San Diego.

The once free shoes is now a collecters item. A pair of Werthein's Brincos are displayed on a pedestal under glass with a price tag of $215 (pound sterling 125).Read the full story here and here


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