Slobodan Milosevic, killer & vicious politician died March 11 2006

Slobodan Milosevic, killer & vicious politician died March 11 2006. There are many controversies surrounding his death, some people are relief with the news but others look at his passing as to easy for a man that have killed millions during his tenure as President of Serbia 1989 before becoming the Yugoslav President 1997. In the process, he left a legacy of more than 200,000 dead in Bosnia and 2 million people (half the population) homeless. He ethnically cleansed more than 800,000 Albanians from their homes in Kosovo. Here are news about his passing from various sources.
Milosevic’s parents, both teachers, were depressives who eventually committed suicide. Their son will be remembered as the man who bears the greatest individual responsibility for the collapse of the former Yugoslavia and the massacres that resulted. Most of these were not spontaneous popular combustions, but a carefully planned assault sponsored by Belgrade. From TimesOnline

The death of Slobodan Milosevic in prison while still on trial for "crimes against humanity" underlines the travesty of his trial. I am no defender of Milosevic, but if he were guilty of the heinous crimes for which he was accused, he could have been convicted within months, not the five years he has supposedly been on trial. The evidence was so tenuous in terms of proving he was responsible for the undoubted crimes that took place that no conviction would have been plausible. That's why it is more than convenient that he has died in prison. - John Green

Ruthless manipulator of Serbian nationalism who became the most dangerous man in Europe. The Guardian

Slobodan Milosevic may be remembered as a nationalist who brought disaster upon his nation and the Balkans. Or as a gambler, playing with people's lives, and using conflict to cement his hold on power. Few will mourn his passing, and many in the Balkans will breathe more easily. From BBC


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