Test drive ; Writely, the spanking hot, Google - powered, free word processor

pick of the week The guys at Google seem to work overtime these days. Over the weekend, Google have update the ever popular but heavily lacking in features Blogger and add some much needed feature to it. The result is very yummy indeed. Can't wait for the live version (for those old blogger users). After acquiring Writely, the have re-launched it with great additional features that will thread Microsoft Word's dominant as a leading word processing software in more way then one. First off, for once, people can subscribe to documents via RSS! No more data lost as every document will be saved every 10 seconds and documents can be saved in PDF format. It have the usual, full fledge word process features have but the big difference is, Writely is an internet base appliance, ready to be used and require no download. It can be saved and updated over the internet, either by the original author or other users. Go on, give it a try!

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