The USS Enterprise is now in Malaysia. Should it even be here in the first place?

I am puzzled why the ship was even allowed to anchor here. Did anyone read the newspaper lately. Lubnan, killings. U.S, being a global sherif and all, have done nothing to stop it? And oh, Iraq? Women and children killed? Here some snipped from Malaysian for Peace's website.

USS Enterprise, a nuclear powered aircraft carrier, acknowledged as the largest and perhaps wielding the most destructive and devastating capability of any floating vessel in the world is currently visiting our Malaysian shores. This comes close on the heels of the recent visit of another equally deadly vessel, USS Ronald Reagan. Pilots assigned to the USS Reagan had flown almost 3000 missions around the Gulf after the warship ported here, yet we continue to allow these nuclear ships to make passage on our waters.

Malaysia, as an independent and sovereign country clearly committed to ensuring a nuclear-free zone in ASEAN as set out in the Southeast Asia Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone (SEANWFZ) treaty, cannot compromise its stand on this most crucial issue. It is with deep regret that we at the PGPO must register our utmost objection to this rather new advent which now seems to signal a new trend in our country's foreign policy. This matter should be viewed even more seriously, given the unbridled aggressive postures and unrestrained military assaults and invasions perpetrated by the foremost nuclear powers led by the USA, Britain and Israel. It also signals the immoral premise that "might is right", which then ironically validates the legitimate right of others to also seek their own nuclear capability for the sake of defence of sovereignty.

The PGPO hopes that the visit of the USS Enterprise does not signal a change in Malaysian policy in ensuring ASEAN remains an anti-nuclear zone. The PGPO also urges that Malaysia as chairman of OIC and NAM, must remain resolute to not compromise on the fundamental right of all nations to live in peace, while respecting that every nation has a right to prosper and be legitimately safeguarded in their sovereign territories. The absolute commitment to nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation of nuclear weapons should be upheld. We must make our stand uncompromisingly visible by words and deeds. Thus, such misplaced acts of hospitality to ships of war ready to annihilate mankind must be strenuously discouraged and halted. (All bolds are mine)

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syed syahrul zarizi b syed abdullah said...

wonderful email from Paul Yeaton. (!

I agree with you 100%. I am an American living in Boston, and have to say, you speak volumes for not just Malaysia, but also for the whole world, and most bizarre, the majority of Americans.

As an American who has travelled much of the world, I have an understanding that each country is its own sovereign state. Not a colony of the US. Having this ship come to your country, I believe is trying to send a messageto Muslim countries that America's military reach is infinite. As an American, I find this offensive. There is no reason for global intimidation on this scale. I am disgusted by this action. Malaysia is YOUR country, not ours. It is also a country in which I would love to visit soon. Not all Americans are fearful, petty people. Trust me. We all need to come together as hiumans to stop the devastation and poverty in our world, and thanks to people like yourself, it can happen in our lifetime.

Thanks so much, and keep the faith and the vision. We all need to! There will never be peace if we don't.