Online weblog survey by June Tan

June Tan is a Master's student studying in University of Malaya. She is writing a thesis, titled "Is blogging an effective tool to democratize Malaysia?"

She have prepared a survey that breaks into 3 parts. The questionnaire is composed mostly of Multiple Choice Questions, and is divided into three parts: Part I: General Demography (12 questions). Part II: For Blog Readers (14 questions). Part III: For Bloggers (11 questions). Please fill in this questionnaire only if you are a blog reader/blogger residing in Malaysia, or a blog reader/blogger of Malaysian nationality residing abroad.It is to gather more data about Malaysian blogger. You can view the questions here. You can also visit her blog here . Good luck, with the survey!


June said...

Hey thanks!! Really appreciate it.

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syed syahrul zarizi b syed abdullah said...

good luck. dont forget to tell us the result!