Pahit Manis - Datuk Ahmad A Talib

Bloggers, rejoice! Another big name in local journalism have stared his own blog, Pahit Manis by Datuk Ahmad A Talib will be one of many blogs written by x-NST jurnalist. Former NSTP Group Editor and current communications consultant to Maxis/Astro. We already have Datuk A. Kadir Jasin then Ahirudin bin Attan. Who else after this? So, still want to read NST? This is a comment from a fellow reader of Datuk Ahmad's blog, sharing the exect sentiment as i am.

I used to read NST in school but for reasons all of us knew by now, I had even asked my office's daily newspaper to be changed to the Star. Not a good sub but what choice do I have. Nice to have another blogger with a good credibility. Some of us really need the real news. And a voice too. - awas

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