Urgent Appeal for Adik Mohd Syazwan Johari, 3 years old

pick of the week I was reading dr bubble's ( a job well done) blog, and there is a pledge from him about 3 years old Adik Mohd Syazwan. He already lost his left eye due to retinablastoma. Syazwan was scheduled to fly to Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia for treatment. The trip was supposed to be funded by Ministry of Health Malaysia , Yayasan Kebajikan Negara and MAKNA but due to some 'hidden cost' ( additional USD28600 ) that was not mention earlier by the hospital, the trip was canceled. I am sad when I read it. As a father, I know it must be very difficult for the family. All I can do is, spread the word and hopefully, someone with the means to help him, will answer. Read more about it here and here. Here is adik Syazwan mother's account number;

Bank: Ambank,
A/C No. : 1260020004692,
Name: Nurul Sakinah Leong Abdullah

On another note, there is nope Karim Sulaiman.

Taken from Ahmad A Talib's blog,

Karim, a winner of the country's top journalism award (Anugerah Kajai) in 2000 when he served the Berita Harian, is also doing his own research on his sickness. Helped by his wife and children, Karim has been surfing the Net looking for any clue that could alleviate his suffering. In one instance, he found out that the health authorities in America has promised a reward for anyone who could find a cure to
the disease.

With the help of bloggers and fellow (x) journalists, his struggle is finally being heard. I hope he will be given the proper treatement that he deserved.

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