Johor flood, second round

Update: 16/1/07. Gambar sekitar bandar ULU TIRAM. Via abuyazid and big thanks to fellow Oyster Hill resident OG!

Lampu Trafik Ulu Tiram

Tanah runtuh, SK Tmn Bukit Tiram, Ulu Tiram Johor.

Second round of flood have turned Johor into a war zone, especially in places like Kota Tinggi and Kluang. Excess roads have been blocked by meter-high flood water. Traffic come to a halt and residents were forced to evacuate from their houses. Minor landslides can be seen everywhere and pot-holes appears in an instant, making normal driving into a very seriously dangerous chore.

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It is very sad, indeed. At my parent's house in Masai, there was no tap-water supply (This was on Sunday) and in Ulu Tiram, there was no electricity. The road was equally bad. But these are mere peanuts compared to other worse-hit areas. I an grateful that my mom and neither of my close friends and relative we seriously involved in this calamity. I hope for the best for everyone else. Be strong. It easier said then done, right?

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Anonymous said...

tumpang simpati... :,<

syed syahrul zarizi b syed abdullah said...

Takziah. Gambar2 yg tak masuk paper

chot said...

ada sebab knapa Allah jadikan fikir2 kan la..