Malaysia Transparency Perception Survey 2007

In a recent survey conducted by Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M) and the Merdeka Centre for Opinion Research, Transparency Perception Survey 2007, the result was rather expectable then shocking; corruption is very serious in Malaysia. Police was given a big thumb-down with 59% of the correspondents voting them as deemed to be corrupt.

The survey polled 1,025 respondents from the public and 411 from the corporate sector.

Other keys finding from the survey include:

1. 40% of the public and 52% of the corporate respondents said public sector integrity remained unchanged in the past 12 months;

2. 46% (public) and 26% (corporate) expect this to improve in the next 12 months;

3. 40% (public) and 54% (corporate) said private sector integrity remained the same
in the past 12 months;

4. 45% (public) and 29% (corporate) expect this to improve in the next year;

5. 30% (public) and 47% (corporate) admitted to having paid bribes or knowing someone who had done so, mainly to avoid inconvenience;

6. Bribe-paying experience among the public: Chinese (58%), Indian (23%), Malay (14%). [56% of the people polled were Malay, 34% Chinese and 10% Indian];

7. 54% of the public and 71% of the corporate respondents said there was no transparency in government procurement processes.

8. 95% of the public and 82% of the corporate respondents supported legislation to protect whistle blowers; and

9. 78% of the public and 76% of the corporate respondents want the ACA to report to Parliament.

Read here and here for more details.(Source & image : The Sun)


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