Blogger in court

Rocky Bru aka Ahirudin Atan was in court yesterday, 2nd April . He was sued by NSTP & 4 others.

Is it worth it to sue blogger?

Some people think so, but the result is on blogger side in some country. Read Nuraina's & Jeff's opinion on this matter.


e-in said...

Boleh tau umur brapa? Macam muda lagi. Keja apa? Public or private?

Anonymous said...

obviously mmg not worthty langsong sue blogger! .. ada la bende yg diaorg nak buktikan pada blogger2 ni.

syed syahrul zarizi said...

E-in : Takda la muda sangat. anak masuk dua dah.

Justin said...

This influx of bloggers getting sued is a dangerous precedent to worldwide free speech.