Air-Car Ready for Mass Production - Build by TATA

This is good news, both for human being and our planet. The company that build boxy vehicle and lorry like German Tanks, Tata Motors of India is planning to build a cap powered by compressed air. Theoretically, it should be more environmentally friendly and should be a hit among eco-geeks around the world. Maybe the looks is not to anyone taste, but you bet I will buy this if it comes to our shore. Or a NGV-powered Hummer. Why eco-friendly cars have to look that ugly? Via Neatorama.

The CityCat model, shown above, has a range of 125 miles, and scoots around at up to 68 mph. Filling up is a breeze - either use a special air compressor at a gas station for about $2.00, or just plug it in for 4 hours at home.

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