How to be an internet millionaire..

I'm sure you have read the title above few times before. In newspaper, internet and magazines. There are even courses about it. But does it really tell you the whole deal? I mean, come on, just pick up a book in any bookshop with the above sub-title and you will only be told the same old things. Marketing, don't give up, be positive and so forth. Duh. Even my local sundry shop owner can tell me that.

Is that it? I guess not. So here are some of the things they forgot to mention but still selling like hot cakes for gullible commoners like us.

1. Selling e-book.

I am sure we all have visited websites welling e-book. Usually the book will help you to generate revenue in few simple steps, complete with buyer testimonial. Is is true? Although some of are legit, there is a trick behind this.

E-book is actually pdf book. Okay, you already know that. What not all of us know, majority of theses e-book are not originally written by the seller, rather it was only a copy of old books written by other people, be it on management or self motivation. There are lots of free, royalty-free books on the internet that have been scanned into pdf format. It have not copyright and these Internet entrepreneur is exploiting these loopholes to make profit. You can download thousand of e-book from here, here and here. These are just sample, just google and you will be amazed on how many free e-books that you can download from the internet these days.

2. Selling pamphlets and brochures.
Same as e-book, there are also people that make money by scanning free travel brochures and pamphlets and then put it up on the internet to be sold at a certain fees.

3. Buying domains.
Majority of internet entrepreneur have probably tons of websites and domain names. Some of them have hundreds, even thousands. They did not just rely of just one or two websites to generate money. Domain names are like virtual property market, smart people will know what domain name is hot or will attract visitor. There are few tricks on how to buy domain name. Internet entrepreneur will either buy interesting-sounding names, old domains that are put up for auction or domains with typo mistake, for example 'yehoo' instead of 'yahoo'.

4. Be a speaker.
Have you guys attended the course 'how to be internet millionaire' or some sort? and I bet you have to fork out thousands of your hard earn money to hear 80% things that you already knew? Well, the fees are a handsome income for the speakers, which conduct classes in various capacity few times a months. These classes are soo popular, a guy telling me he have to stand at the far end of the corner in this particular hall because of the huge turnout. So, that's how to make money from the internet & become soo rich!

Of course, without smart marketing and some SEO skill, you will still not able to make money even with the information above. One thing for sure, there is no short cut if you want to be successful.


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