Netscape 9 is here. 'Social' web browser set to change the internet.

Before Internet Explorer, there was Netscape Navigator, a browser that was the reason millions of internet users stay-up all night surfing the internet. It was named as the number one technology-related product of all time by PC World. Indeed, knowing for sure the internet is the next big thing after personal computer, Bill Gate, being a savy entrepreneur (during those days), built his own browser and the rest, as they say, is history. Well, can history be re-written? Netscape is trying to do just that.

Netscape Navigator 9 was released yesterday with heavy emphasis on social integration. Check out their website for more screenshoots .

Movable Type is going Open Source.

Six Apart is a company dedicated to make good blogging software and services. They have Vox, Live Journal , Moveable Type and Type Pad. All of these services are decent enough with brilliant functions, but unlike Blogger and Wordpress, it allow limited customization by user. With the released of Movable Type 4, Six Apart have decided to go open source. It is the right thing to do because of 'limited sociability' of their current version is a turn off to majority of personal bloggers. but they will not abandon the commercial version.

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