Top 30 blogging cities.

In a recent BusinessWeek's article, dated July 2nd, Jakarta and the tiny island nation Singapore are in the top 30 cities for blog posting and comments. KL?

The article explore how the 2nd generation internet is changing our culture and web 2.0 have help small startup to succeed and venture into new territories.

Chicago startup skinnyCorp goes even further. One of its businesses, Threadless, a clothing and accessories company, runs online contests soliciting designs for T-shirts from people around the world. It selects finalists and then invites people to vote online for the best designs. The ones with the most votes get produced. To deepen the engagement of consumers in the process, skinnyCorp set up blogs on its Web site, where people can try out design ideas and get feedback from others. Designs come in from all over, and 35% of sales are international. "We have pioneered a completely different way of doing business," says Jeffrey Kalmikoff, skinnyCorp's chief creative officer. "It's a community-based business. You completely erase the R&D and a lot of the risk, because we just make what people want."

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