Me and Samsung SGH-L760

First thing first; I am not a hand phone guy. The first hand phone I bought was an orange Nokia that still survive after constant abuses; but the mic finally gave up few years back. Now it was my youngest son official hp. Just nice for his teeth development. I lost my Motorola V3i few months back. And not, when they handed me a Samsung hp and asked me to use it, I gingerly took it out of the box and put aside my phobia toward expensive hp.

After a month of using it, I think the price tag of RM1099 is worth it. What you got is hp with smooth sliding action, user friendly and not to mention the star feature, mobile blogging capability. My slow GPRS (yes, soo old skool) avoided me to explore the full potential of the phone, but, nonetheless, for daily use, it never fails me. The picture taken with the 2M pixel is also crispy clear with nice white balance and contrast. Is it time already? Yah, it's time for us to part company this Saturday, and to Samsung and the guys at Tech Arp, thanks for the experience.

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