My all time favourite playlist, part 1

Since Hujan's CD annoyingly stucked inside my car CD player few months back, I was forced to listen to local radio and morning talk shows. Then, I started riding the scooter to work, which means no more music for me. After reading Smashing Magazine's entry on the best music video ever, I decided to list out my all time favourite songs, in no particular order.

Portishead, Glory Box. Mysterious, scary yet enchantingly beautiful.

The Smiths, This Charming Man. Check out the hair. 

Portishead, Sour time. Beth's voice is on par with Tory Amos. But scarier.

Bjork, It's Oh So Quiet. All Bjork videos are visually stunning. Check also videos by her fellow countrymen, Sigur Rus.

Beasties Boys, Sabotage.

The Strokes, Last Night.

Smashing Pumpkins, Disarm.

Tricky, Hell is around the corner. Note that Portishead's Glory Box and this song sample the same song by Isaac Hayes.

The Cure, Friday I'm In love.

Radiohead, Paranoid Andriod.

The Ramones, Rock n Roll High School. Old Skoool!! Those jeans are sooo freakin' tight! It hurts just looking at it.

Chemical Brothers, Star Guitar.

Fatboy Slim, Praise You.

Jurassic 5 and Tom Green Live - FREESTYLE SESSION. This is solid gold.

Note: For some freakin' copyright reason, these videos cannot be embeded.

* Buddy Holly, Weezer
* Sunday Bloody Sunday, U2
* Roni Size / Reprazent, Brown Paper Bag

Jimi Hendrix. impossible to single out any of his songs here. Too good, toohh gooohhddd. Worth mentioning and will be in the next list: Guided By Voice, The Hives, Dead Kennedys, Bob Mould/Husker Du/Sugar. To be continued.