Handbook For English Language Learner (With Malay Translation)

A very simple and easy to understand book suitable for PMR and SPM students to enhance their English language skill. Design for intermediate proficiency and come complete with Malay translation. 80 pages, professionally printed and perfect bind. Written by an English teacher, the contents of the book are as below;

Chapter 1. Resources and tools.

1.1. Websites
1.2. Softwares
1.3. Smartphone and tablet PC apps
1.4. Classic books and novels
1.5. Games

chapter 2. creating positive learning culture.

2.1. What’s inside your bag?
2.2. 29 ways to stay creative
2.3. Effective speech plan

chapter 3. Basic Grammar.

3.1. Nouns
3.2. Articles
3.2. Determiners
3.3. Adjectives
3.6. Adverbs
3.7. Prepositions
3.8. Conjunctions
3.9. Verbs
3.10. Degree of comparison
3.11. Gerunds
3.12. Active and passive statements
3.13. Sequence connectors
3.14. Pronoun
3.15. Tenses
3.16. Infinitives
3.17. Punctuation
3.18. Direct and indirect statement
3.19. Positive and Negative statements

chapter 4. VOCABULARY

4.1. Prefix
4.2. Suffix
4.5 Word List

chapter 5. sentence construction.

5.1. The basic of writing in English
5.2. Order of word in a sentence
5.3. Subject verb agreement

chapter 6. literature.

6.1. Literary devices
6.2. Dramatic structure

chapter 7. essey writing.

7.1 Components of an essay
7.2 Formats of essay
7.3Types of essay
7.4. Writing a letter
7.5. Informal letter’s format
7.6. Formal letter’s format

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