China X'perience

Sam Seens is a versatile artis from Johor. His artwork have been published in local Chinese daily newspaper and publication. Apart from drawing, he is also an exceptional poet and have won various awards in Malaysia and Taiwan for his art.

After I was told China X'perience, one of his pet project would be published, I was really glad and happy. By no means this is a new project because I have read it before in 2004. Sam often dropped by Kedai Sireh for a chat, sharing out thoughts on local indie music scene, jokes and stuff to our mutual love for The Cure.

This book is truly universal. There are no dialogue. Sam have managed to explore the human mind with his unique style of drawing. The book consist of short stories that are both gripping and surreal. Forget the book's title, everyone that read this will be hooked on it instantly!

Sam is currently looking for distributor for the book. It is self-published and hopefully it will get
the support it is truly deserved.

For more information, you can forward you questions to