2005, the year that was.

Last Wednesday Haziq turns 4 months. His cute nose was running and he'd refused to sleep. It was the first time that he looks helpless since being discharged from Hospital Sultanah Aminah. Imagine that, 4 months. I am still cooping with my new role as a father, something that is unimaginable for me one year ago.

2005 is a special year for me. I left Johor end of November with nothing to hold to but everything to hope for. It was hard for me to leave my mother behind. We have our differences but I love her more than anything in the world. Cik Pah was still studying and Along was busy with his own life.

I have to make a decision if I want to start a family. After much consideration and some calculated gamble, I made my way up to Selangor. We rent a small apartment in Seri Kembangan and soon, we were greeted with news that Fadh was pregnant againt. Alhamdulliah. My new job is great and I was even accepted to continue my study in UPM on a part time bassis.

My gamble have turned out fine after all. Hope 2006 will be kinder to us. Insyallah.