joe's murmurings & rare music

Joe Ng is a lagend. Anyone that have been following the local Singapore indie scene will testify to it. The godfather of their underground scene.

"Formed in 1991, Padres is Joe Ng's vehicle to realise his musical ambitions. Comprising of friends from other bands, Padres remains more as an ad hoc rock outfit. Previous members include Abdul Nizam and Jong Aik (The Nonames), Patrick Chng and Vincent Lee (The Oddfellows), Francis Frightful and Ray Aziz (Opposition Party), Ben Harrison (Electric Penguin ETC), Adam Yusop (Global Chaos) and Idham 'Budi' Budiman (Cracked Healer), amongst others. Even the moniker was a case of last minute name picking. During their first gig at Marina Village four years ago.

Joe chose 'Padres' simply because that's the first thing he saw - drummer Abdul Nizam t-shirt of the US baseball team. Since then, Padres have released one mini album, What's Your Story (1994), one single, Radio Station (1993) and they have contributed tracks to a few compilation albums (two of which were played by legendary UK DJ John Peel on his BBC World Service, John Peel Show). Joe Ng has even found time to dabble in some acting, landing the lead role in Eric Khoo's highly acclaimed movie, Mee Pok Man...." (taken from SUBTITUTE)

He is writing his own blog, and it is a must visit to those who, like me, love the scene way back in the 90's. Check out the list of rare song from bands like Force Vomit ( my favourite's surf hero!), HumpbackOak, Oddfellows, Padres & Sugarflies.

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