Websites to help your blogs grow

Weblog’s function is starting to grow from online diary or journal to something more serious and can generate income for some. Let take some time and see website that could help in improving your blog or website.

Vitaminthink is the brain child of Ryan Carson of Carson System. He is better known to designers as the co-founder of BD4D. What is interesting and special about Vitaminthink are the peoples behind it or the ‘advisory board’ that were made up of several big players in the web 2.0 scene. The member of the board includes Carl Henderson, the founder of Flickr, the popular picture sharing and ‘tag’ging website that allow people to share picture among members for free. He is one of the people that first introduce the term ‘tag’ in categorizing files or links. Other people include Dave Shea, of csszengarden, a css guru and Shaun Inman. It is a mix of designers and programmers giving out tips and pointers about what they do best so reader will have a first hand look on how to improve your web.

Other website worth a visit that could help you to improve your website is Their mission is “To create a home for professional bloggers. A place where those that want to make money from their blogs can learn, and perfect the art of making a living from weblogging.”It give advice on how to improve your revenue and the correct way to generate income using the internet. Unlike Vitaminthink, there are no legends here but some of the articles are really simple but useful.

Other notable websites include Alist apart, which touches more about web developing and for the avid blogger, there is always Pro blogger to guide from an amature to a professional blogger.


Edmund Yeo said...

Well, the likes of Technorati, Myspace or Youtube, even, do help in the growth of blogs. Since they are all social networking sites.

Edmund Yeo said...

Or Slashdot and Digg, or BoingBoing, if the subject matter written on the blogs interest these major sites.

syed syahrul zarizi b syed abdullah said...

Thanks for the input! Maybe I'll write about it later. thanks