Test drive; Crazyegg, visualize your visitors

There are lots of free website and tools that help blogger and webmaster to track down & compile information about visitors that come to their website. From the ever popular Statcounter to the detail and complicated Google Analytic. Now, we have another option that lets user visualized their visitor’s activities rather then looking at mere numbers and statistics.

Crazyegg is a fun little tool that lets you do just all that in a very simple setup. It is useful especially to test a new design & to test various layouts or placement of key elements such as ads or action buttons. Like other website statistic tracking tool, user have to first paste the code into the page they want to track the information. Information’s can be viewed in 3 different style, overlay, list and heatmap. Overlay and heatmap are quite similar, where they will show the actual page you are tracking and highlight the parts that were clicked by visitors with markers, different color representing numbers on clicks.

They have 4 packages for user to choose from. There is the free package that, unfortunately allows 2 pages to be tracked in one time. The other 3 packages allow users to track more pages. Overall, it is a fun tool to use with a very clear and easy to understand interface. The functions are rather limited and the color scheme and all reminds me to another great website tracking tool, Have a mint.

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