First Creative Commons Malaysia Competition

The objective of the Creative Commons Malaysia Competition is to encourage the use of creative materials available on the Creative Commons website to produce new and original creative works. The winners of the competition will be awarded cash prizes, interviewed and featured on the Creative Commons Malaysia webportal and have their work showcased at the official launch of Creative Commons Malaysia on March 3-4, 2006.

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"Liverpool Football Club are delighted to announce that Robbie Fowler has rejoined the club on a free transfer from Manchester City until the end of the season when the situation will be reviewed," said a club statement this afternoon.

Fowler scored 171 goals in 332 appearances for Liverpool between 1992 and 2001, but since being sold to Leeds by GĂ©rard Houllier a little over four years ago, has failed to re-discover that form. He has spent most of this season either on Manchester City's treatment table or their bench and was believed by many to be close to retirement. However, Liverpool manager Rafael Bentiez, who earlier this season spurned the opportunity to sign Michael Owen, clearly believes he can recapture past Anfield glories.

He is ineligible to play in Sunday's FA Cup tie against Portsmouth but could make what is sure to be an emotional reappearance in front of the Kop against Birmingham City on Wednesday. -

What a surprise!

2006 Bloggies Award

It's now the sixth year of the world's most established weblog awards, the Bloggies™. Personal Web publishing never stops growing, and that means this year the public will have more contenders than ever to select from when choosing the year's best weblogs. 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005 have their champions; now it's time for you to do your part for 2006. Read on.

Check it out, but no representative from SEA though. I'm voting for 'we make money not art' and boingboing! Do your part, vote.

Useful Blogging Tool Part 1

Blogging have been an integrated part of Internet culture, majority of people must have come across it at least once in their life. Not only individual but Blue Chip Company and prominent people also join in the fray. It is the most fast and effective way to connect and share though with other people. From a personal journal, it since been used a powerful tool, both in conveying news and moneymaker.

Although there are many free and ready to use blog service out there, not many is providing that many features to make you blog stand. But there are many add-on tools that can make your blog unique and reach a wider audience. Here are some of tools that I find both easy, FREE, useful and can monazite you blog.

Many people ask me how to share or integrate someone else / friends entry in their blog. There is one easy step, sign up with Feedigest. It allow you to group you favorite feed by category and generate a java script that you can put on you blog. No ads and there are plenty of style to choose from or you can make you own custom style.

RSS, ATOM and XML are the most underrated words you will ever come about in almost weblog today. It translated as a simple format of syndication there is, which allow people to grad a code which let they subscribe to you weblog. The important of this feature is a wider audience and an auto-updating process that is both easy and convenience both to you and your subscriber.

Feedburner functions are extensive. It helps to bundle all you feeds into one, such as atom (blogger), rss ( and you Flickr feed into one so people don’t have to subscribe to you different feed if you have all the web as mention. It also monitor your feed circulation, help you monetize you web and supply simple code for people to subscribe to you weblog’s feed

You can share you blog with a wider audience by signing up with Technorati. Apart from pinging you post to other members, It also ranked you bloq via the number of their users links to you blog. You can set you favorite tags that describe you blog, setup you profile and search through it extensive user list

The big match , 22nd January 2005

Come this Sunday, everything in England will be divided to 2 camps. Liverpool and Manchester United have always had a romantic relationship. Their rivalry is legendary and their meeting on the playing field is a sportswriter's dream of writing great article about how football is played. The sweat, the tackles, the goals, the winner and the loser. Eventually, some will not come to work the next day. They either too tired of cheering their winning team or too angry for their
team lackluster performance.

For those who breathe English football since the late 70's, Chelsea is nothing, Arsenal and Spurs is just fillers. It was Liverpool that conquer England and Europe then and if not for the lengthy band slapped on them because of the incident during the match with Juventus that leaves some spectators dead, they might even won more silverware. Ian Rush, Kenny Daglish & John Barnes. The killer forward of the time. Their classic Adidas Jersey with Candy as the sponsor. In those days, one would never doubt them even if they were 2 nill down. The end will always be good, for us.

Liverpool in the 90 is different. Great forward but disastrous defenders. It was a joke at times and Manchester finally took away all the glory and held it for some years to come. They can loose easily even if they were leading the minute before. My brothers and me remain
loyal to the KOP even though nothing was going right, for us.

When they were 3 goals down at first half during the European Championship final, I realized it was all gone. But when I turned the radio that morning and heard they actually won, I smiled all the way to office. My brother SMS me later, 'Liverpool won!'. It was no joke. No one was smiling, only us, a handful only, while others said we were lucky that night.

Maybe luck is what we need. We are not rich or famous, at least not like we used to. But being the underdog is gold. It like a Kafka thing, happy with others pessimism and be just what we should be. This time around, it will be different. No matter who win, It will always be the same, for us. Always


Sambil cuci lampin & masak, Tok Rimau sediakan dokumen ini:

Projek komik ini adalah sebahagian dari buku AYAH KITA BOS, medley ceritera Tok Rimau dan Sinaganaga. Peruntukan 10 mukasurat diberi untuk artis visual untuk menterjemahkan Dialog Ajan & Rima dalam bentuk komik. Komik ini meletakkan siri popular, suatu ketika dulu, Cinta Tidak Semestinya Bersatu karya Zunar dalam Gila-Gila  sebagai menanda aras.

Kita tenguk nanti hasilnya! 

Steamboy! from the maker of Akira

After revolutionising Anime in 1988 with Akira, director Katsuhiro Otomo has now turned his attentions to Victorian England in his latest animation feature. Manchester schoolboy Ray Steam (voiced by Anna Paquin, X-Men’s Rogue) is given a mysterious steam ball by his wild-eyed and white-haired inventor grandfather Lloyd (Patrick Stewart), and warned to guard it with his life. Lloyd also breaks the news to the young lad that his scientist father Dr Eddie Steam has died while working on an experiment. Promptly after this dire news, Ray is chased across Manchester's countryside by delegates from the weapon-building O’Hara Foundation who covet the steam ball’s immense industrial power.

Read the review at pixelsurgeon

Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha

Semoga hidup diberkati & selamat menunaikan ibadah haji & semalat pulang ke tanah air untuk semua jemaah haji. Juga disedekahkan Al-fatihah kepada 4 jemaah Malaysia yang terbabit dalam tragedi di Tanah Haram.

Digital Malaya new do!

After hibernating for soo long, DMP is up and going again, complete with a totally new look. To kick things off is a design compatition for malaysian. Check it out!

Google Computer

Speculation is mounting that Google will this week unveil a no-frills personal computer costing as little as $200

They built a $123bn business around online text search then diversified into video, email and, more controversially, book publishing. Now Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have set their sights firmly on Microsoft with the expected arrival of a cut-down Google personal computer.

Speculation is mounting that Page will use a keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Friday to unveil details of a low-cost computer or internet-enabled device that will run on a new operating system developed by Google. - MediaGuardian

That is something to look forward to. Microsoft is looking dull and old already.

Legendary mountain turning into dumpsite

Gunung Ledang, one of Johor's top tourism landmarks, is turning into a dumpsite, with park rangers collecting some 3.5 tonnes of rubbish from its slopes every day. An average of 500,000 people visit Gunung Ledang annually. Daily visitors number between 500 and 1,000 during weekdays and up to 5,000 on weekends. - News Straits Time.

Its a pity great places like this been littered by people that take it for granted.

Big foot

Beberapa agensi media antarabangsa termasuk Perbadanan Penyiaran British (BBC) dan Reuters, berminat membuat liputan dan menjejaki 'Bigfoot' yang didakwa pernah dilihat oleh beberapa Orang Asli di hutan simpan negeri ini. Selain itu, sebuah pertubuhan antarabangsa berpangkalan di Singapura yang mengkhusus dalam kajian fenomena luar biasa dan beberapa penyiasat persendirian Britain turut berminat membuat penyelidikan mengenai makhluk itu - Berita Harian

Cerita ni bukan cerita baru, dari zaman dulu dah ada, macam-macam versi. Menarik juga. Cuba baca entri Tok pasal haiwan ini

Apa itu sajak?

"sebuah sajak yang menjadi adalah suatu dunia. dunia yang dijadikan, dicipta kembali oleh si penyair. diciptakannya kembali, dibentukkannya dari benda dan rohani, keadaan alam dan penghidupan sekelilingnya, dia juga mendapat bahan dan hasil-hasil kesenian lain yang berarti, berhubung jiwa dengan dia, dari pikiran-pikiran dan pendapat-pendapat orang lain, segala yang masuk dalam bayangannya, anasir-anasir atau unsur-unsur yang sudah ada dijadikannya, dihubungkannya satu sama lain, dikawinkannya menjadi satu kesatuan yang penuh (indah serta mengharukan) dan baru, suatu dunia baru, dunia kepunyaan penyair itu sendiri."

chairil anwar, pidato radio, 1946