Internet Prediction for 2007

2006 is a big year for social networking website such as Myspace and Facebook. Everyone have their own Myspace, even if it look dorky. So what will be making the news in 2007? Already, Apple have made headline with iPhone. Great looking, still keeping up with their minimalist approach. Maybe it is a sign for me to finally buy a new handphone.

Here are some of the prediction on what will in store for the next 12 months. Interestingly, Information Architects have prepared a summary of 2007 web trend in a map format. Download the map in PDF here.

1. Apple keeps its iPod monopoly and increases its OS 5% market share to 5.1%
2. Google scores against Microsoft and Yahoo due to its massive marketing data advantage
3. Blogs bloom, and prepare for the 2008 election
4.Social networks become a place where members make money
5. Newspapers open up - read more of IA's
prediction, here


chot said...

gempak gak aliran traffic dia...syed ko dah pegi blog baru aku di

syed syahrul zarizi b syed abdullah said...

dah singgah beb, tapi tak abis round lagi. Menarik2

Unknown said...

visit kawan dari oyster hill punya blog...utk laporan banjir di ulu tiram...