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In Malaysia, bloggers have a mix reputation. Some were even labeled as liars. Is that true? Does all that bloggers do are making up stories and writing blindly without any preferences? The label that was given to us, is very misleading. Majority of us write from the heart. I in fact, find some of the bloggers are very passionate about writing.

Here are some notable bloggers, just to list a few; those who wrote about other’s struggle just to live. Those who survive life threatening disease to inspire others to live to the fullest.

Pi Bani
Blogger : Pi Bani. Currently a volunteer with an NGO providing moral and emotional support to HIV infected persons. A great blog, very ‘young’ but very promising.

The self-satisfaction I get and the new things I learn from voluntary work are more precious than all that money can buy.

Blogger : Daphne Ling. Nice to see someone so young yet so sensitive to other people's problem, even extending a helping hand to the needy family. In recent post, she wrote about adik Siti Aisya Syazreen who has Fraser Syndrome -- her eyelids are fused

I believe in the power of the people; in strength in numbers; in the human spirit. I believe that there is always hope for society to become better, and I sincerely pray the future would be much better than the world we now live in.

Charity Blog
A blog by teenagers that focused on charity work and environmental issues.

Radin Galoh
A breast cancer survivor, she is a living testament of how the will to live and positive thinking can go along way. An inspiration to all cancer and other terminally ill patients out there.

Blowing Bubbles
Blogger : Dr Bubbles. I come across this blog accidentally and was touched by the blogger posting about adik Mohd Syazwan. He already lost his left eye due to retinoblastoma. His postings were very touching and sincere. When working with children and people with terminally ill diseases, it’s a bonus if you are also a clown, someone that is cheerful and can make the children to forget about their illness for a while. Apart from blogging, he is also, literally, a clown.

Pahit Manis
Blogger : Ahmad A Talib. An x-journalist and writer currently started to blog about current issues. His posting about fellow journalist, En. Karim (a winner of the country's top journalism award (Anugerah Kajai) in 2000) was picked up by mainstream newspaper and as a result, he was given the proper care he deserved.


Kamigoroshi said...

Just when I recommended people a place to find good personal blogs. These are a few to add to the list. Thanks for the recommendations. :)

Observer said...


syed syahrul zarizi b syed abdullah said...

I'm sure there are alot more interesting blogs out there worth mentioning. Any suggestion?

Unknown said...

I'm so deeply touched by your writing about me...readers like you who pray for me means a lot in boosting my spirit to brace the hurdles...thank you bro!

syed syahrul zarizi b syed abdullah said...

No problem. I love your blog.