Play of the day. Jurassic 5

Jurassic 5 is long lost hip-hop group that may seem a bit out of place in today music scene. Their music is old-school and melodic, spontaneous and intelligent. Their name was mention in the same breath as De La Soul, Mos Def and The Tribe Call Quest.

What cool about them is, unlike the usually sexist and often glorifying gang culture which is synonym with mainstream hip-hop culture, Jurassic 5 doesn't carry any of those elements. They are more into the ethos of having fun & friendship. Their lyrics are full with social commentary & everyday politics. No bling-bling, no crappy, egoistic lyrics. They also toured outside the hip-hop circuit and collaborated with artist from other genre, for example Dave Matthews Band for the song Work It Out ( great video featuring George Bush, jogging) . Majority of the group are Muslims.

Check out their music videos here. Here's a clip of the group, being interviewed in Henry Rollins show.

What meen the world to me is bein' free
Live and let live and just let it be (Let it be)
Love peace and harmony,
one universal familyOne God,
one aim and one destiny - Freedom

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