Introduction to FPX.

Shopping, as we knew it have changed alot since the past few years because of the advance of technology. The now cheap Internet services & technology have cause people to spend more time online either for information or leisure. The numbers of people shopping online also increases, together with the number of websites and portals that sell various products and services.

In Malaysia, there are some drawback to shopping online, due to no standard payment system either for merchant or buyer. Example of this is PayPal, but unfortunately, PayPal did not allows users to withdraw money from local financial institution. In Malaysia, there are are single system that eliminate the needs to perform internet banking or conventional banking before a both party can complete and close the transaction. This is very time consuming, not to mention very inconvenience.

MEPS have come with a convenience solution that is very similar with their Bankcard application. In a nutshell, this application, FPX, is a gateway that allow users to buy, sell or pay over the internet from their own bank accounts. FPX was initiated by Bank Negara and it is both secure and safe to use. Currently, all major banks in Malaysia already participate with FPX. For more information about FPX, Read here. There is also a Malay version here.

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Yup, FPX is very great!!!