BURQINI™ Swimwear - Stylish swimwear for Muslim women.

Ahiida, an Australian company have produce a chic line of Women wear that is a hit in Europe. Read here an article frim International Herald Tribune.

Punks or ravers they certainly are not. Discrete and devout, their kind of fashion statement could not be further from the razor-sharp mohawks or day-glo accessories of those counter-culture types. But young Muslim entrepreneurs around the world are making their own fashion statements, modestly, challenging the status quo in their communities as well as stereotypes outside.

Ahiida's line of swimsuit, BURQINI™ is a two-piece, beach-friendly tracksuit which covers the whole body. It covers the head and the material is of high quality. Often we see akak and makcik at the beach wearing with their loose tudung bawal-swiming. Not safe! The solution is here and hopefully we can see it in a store here soon.

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