How to make money as a blogger in Malaysia.

As some of you have already know, there are few really successful local bloggers out there that have made blogging not only a great way to socialize and sharing info but also as a source of income. There are differences between blogger that blogs for fun and pretty darn serious blogger that know the art of SEO and make money through blogging.

One such example is Lilian, the blogger behind popular blog 5xmom. Click here and you can see her September income that is very impressive I might add. She also list-out some tips on how to make money by blogging;

1) Good contents which give me good page rankings - High organic traffic

2) Hard work and discipline - Setting targets and pushing self even when feel sick of the work

3) High standard - I need to maintain good quality posts or else I can risk getting banned by advertisers

Another blog, My Organic Income is another success story and managed to accumulate $3969(I assume it's USD) in the month of September.

It is very encouraging to see that a local blogger, such as Lilina can earns as much as USD5,010 a month. Now, who says blogging is a waste of time?


Anonymous said...

Yeap, blogging do make money ;) I encourage my friend who bog to make money too... But not as much as that la... LOL~!

Liang Wee said...

I saw this post at Petaling Street and come to have a look.

I'm making money using my blog too. It is quite tough but all my hardwork and efforts do pay. I'm making quite good income using my blog and I'm trying hard to earn even more. ;-)

It is fun to blog and make money.

My Blog:

Hanafi Mohd Noor said...

Nice post but dont you think that too many blogs are blogging about how to get more trafic for the purpose to get traffic mainly to get traffic, sometimes confusing and....anyway your blog is great.

syed syahrul zarizi b syed abdullah said...

Thank you guys! Encouraging indeed. Hope all of us can grow together.

Nandre The Legend said...

blogging nie satu kaedah baru untuk mendatangkan income.. jika betul2 serius dalam bidang nie, jelajah lagi seni blogging dan cuba buat satu pendekatan untuk perkenalkan service yang kita buleh bagi kat public dengan gunakan blog nie...