Saharil Hasrin Sanin


Saharil Hasrin Sanin ialah seorang oenulis berbakat yang telah banyak menulis untuk pelbagai jenis penerbitan. Saya tertarik dengan ilustrasi beliau yang comel-comel.

KIRI - Tok Rimau mengganas lagi


Buah tangan terbaru dari Tok Rimau dan kawan-kawan. Penuh aksi. Ada pistol lagi.

Judul awal filem ini adalah Bidadari Buta. Kemudian kami tukar ke Dendam Semalam. Lepas tu tukar lagi ke Khadam Dendam. Akhirnya kami ambil keputusan untuk KIRI sahaja. KIRI lebih banyak lapisan maknanya.

Untuk yang berminat versi DVD dibuka untuk tempahan. Sila hubungi Tok Rimau di

Lomikids website is up and running


The colorful guys at LomokidS now have their spanking hip website in full gear. Previously, the only have Myspace group as their hanging place. Join in the fun and register as a lomohead now.

CORE PEPS artzine #05

Artzine with tons of artworks and interviews inside. A5 size, digital printing, Superb 'design' Colorful cover, 48 pages. Price : RM4.50+ 50cent stamp per copy.

Address : Arul aka buckSHOT1901, 157, Jalan Jelita, Taman Rashibah Indah, 70400 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

email : or visit their website,

Film Screening & gig by Papakerma

Sms dari Dhani,

Hello sobat. Malam ini (23/2) jemput datang ke Galeri Seni Shah Alam. Papakerma ada buat screening film Amir Muhammad + James Lee. Dan datang petang esok juga untuk layan indie pop gig

Bush is now solo. Partner's Blair jumps ship.

pick of the week Bush is fast loosing his plot. While Americans are loosing faith in his administration, the latest move by Blair must be hard to swallow. Here for more stories, courtesy of Google News.

Bush's political foes billed Britain's looming partial drawdown in Iraq as a rejection of US military strategy. - Gulf Daily News

Bloggers United is a month old. Today

Happy one month anniversary. I was reminded about this while surfing Screenshots. The case between Ahiruduin Attan and NSTP will be heard this coming Thursday, the 22nd.

Tuesdays With Bapak

Nuraina A Samad will dedicate her's Tuesday to bapak, the legendary Pak Samad Ismail. Touching and honest. A must read for all.

I decided to post something on bapak because I wanted to see if I really could. Also because I felt that I should before, well... before it is too late. Each time I visit him, he seems to, sometimes, be losing a little bit of himself. Of course, sometimes, he remembers the past like a ribbon of film. I will dedicate every Tuesday to anecdotes of our past.

Tuesday, 20th February: Everybody Loves Irene @ CM, KL

So, the time is now. If you miss the good old days of trip hop and lazy electronica sound of Bristol, you can relive the past this coming Tuesday. Just got an email from Joe Kidd

That is if you like Portishead-style, Bristol-influenced Trip-Hop lah... We have a bunch of Bandung / Jakarta college students called Everybody Loves Irene touring around Malaysia and they are playing The Annexe, Central Market KL this TUESDAY night.

What are you waiting for?

Selamat Bercuti & Selamat Tahun Baru Cina

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To all Chinese, Happy Chinese New Year. And, to my ex-officemate in PAVCJM, Roshisyam, whos wife just delivered a healty baby girl, Congratulation! To Daud, Selamat Pengantin Baru. Insyaallah kalau ada rezeki sampai la rumah kau. Tapi rasa macam tak dapat datang. Kut. Apa-apa pun, tahniah!

World Press Photo of the Year 2006 gallery.

Image above : By Paolo Pellegrin, Italy. Magnum Photos for Newsweek/The New York Times Magazine. Victim of Israeli rocket attack, Tyre, Lebanon, 6th August.

Browse the gallery with pictures by other winning photographers.

Embrace The Blur


JPG magazine 8th issue is out with the theme 'Embrace The Blur'. All images were submitted by people all over the world through their website and will be voted and shortlisted before landing into the colorful pages of the finish product. It's a fun project and anyone can be a part of it.

Digital photography can be a little boring. Analog rocks and lomo just solid gold. Check out Lomokids , Lomo Malaysia Flickr group or visit The Click Project to learn more about it. Lightleaks is a magazine devoted to lo-fi photography. And for you guys that use digital SLR but love the blurry Holga effect, check out lensebabies. (pictures by me)

Permainan Low budget. Untuk orang yang ramai anak

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Projek menarik untuk mengeratkan hubungan kekeluargaan. Barang yang diperlukan: Pencetak warna, pelekat double-sided, kertas & gunting. Seterusnya: Cetak salah satu karektor dari Readymech dan ikut arahan. Tenguk, kan mudah. Dan tak menyakitkan poket. Via Netdiver

Rage Against The Machine. Reunited.


According to MTV, Rage Against The Machine, legendary political rap-rock hardcore band that was disbanded prematurely is schedule to perform at Coachella Festival this April 29. The festival is schedule to run for 3 days, starting on April 27 to 29. Famous for their political and fiery lyrics, the band and their vocalist Zack De la Rocha, headed their different ways after some conflict of interest between then in 2000. While Zack went missing, the rest of the band formed Audioslave with Chris Cornell of Soundgarden on vocal.

Guitarist Tom Morello said, the main reason for the reunion is to "deliver a knockout blow to the Bush administration. And hopefully, one night in the desert is all it will take." Will this be a one off thing or can we expect a new full length album after this?

They should be invited to the next PGPO conference. That would be awesome!

Other acts on the preliminary list of performers include the Good, the Bad and the Queen (Blur/Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn's new group), New Pornographers, Hot Chip, Grizzly Bear, Black Keys, Silversun Pickups, Fountains of Wayne, Jarvis Cocker (of Pulp), Placebo, DJ Shadow, Damien Rice, Blonde Redhead, Peeping Tom, Placebo, Rufus Wainwright, the Rapture, Explosions in the Sky, Richie Hawtin, Felix Da Housecat, We Are Scientists, Tiƫsto, Manu Chao, Brother Ali, Comedians of Comedy, Justice, MSTRKRFT, Faithless, Gotan Project, The Frames, Amos Lee and Peter, Bjork & more.

Who is Ali Shalal?

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All eyes were on Kuala Lumpur as the man, who was made famous when his picture appeared in newspapers and televisions around the world with his face covered with dark cloth and wires connected to both hands. He was know as 'prisoner in the hood'. His real name is Ali Shalal.

He took the podium and readfrom a text sworn under Malaysia's Statutory Declaration Act 1960 at PGPO conference to a packed audience. He left a message for everyone at the end of his presentation.

I feel very sad that I have to remember and relive this horrible experience again and again, and I hope that the Malaysian people will answer our call for help. God willing.

Who are the true criminals here? Child killers and the real terrorists, please stand up! (image from Jeff Ooi)

Johor flood. The videos

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Collection of videos from YouTube. I was lucky. They are not. Click here for more.

Jemputan menulis untuk GOBLOG #2.

Kepada: Anda, kawan-kawan anda, semua orang muda dan orang yang pernah muda.

Tahun lepas [2006] buku bernama Goblog telah diterbitkan. tahun ni kami di Papakerma nak teruskan kesinambungan untuk menerbitkan Goblog edisi kedua [Goblog#2] pulak. Jadi, anda dijemput untuk sama-sama menjayakan projek buku Goblog#2 ini.

Hantarkan apa jua bentuk tulisan kepada kami untuk disemak dan kemudiannya dibukukan. takde tema yang spesifik untuk Goblog#2 ni. jadi, anda bebas nak tulis tentang apa pun. Tapi sila pastikan tulisan anda tu mempunyai mesej yang berguna untuk orang ramai. tulisan yang takde mesej akan direject tanpa belas kasihan. Tulisan yang rasis, fasis, seksis, nazis, prejudis dan segala unsur yang bertentangan dengan hak asasi manusia jugak akan direject.

Setiap seorang dibenarkan menghantar maksimum 10 artikel dan minimum 5 artikel. Hantarkan artikel dalam bahasa malaysia ok.

Takde deadline [deadline ke dateline?] yang ditetapkan. cukup je bilangan artikel yang dikehendaki, kami akan siapkan buku Goblog#2 ni. Cepat lambat buku ni dikeluarkan bergantung sepenuhnya kepada keterlibatan anda [dan juga keadaan kewangan kami.:p].

Kepada yang berminat, hantarkan kontribusi anda kepada saya di alamat email berikut:

Dhani Ahmad
b/p: Papakerma Press

Tun M nominated for Nobel Peace Prize?

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Read here, taken from The Star & International Herald Tribune. So, what is a Nobel actually? Read here. At a pre PGPO news conference, when asked by Ahirudin Atan about the nomination, Tun cheekily Said;

I don't know about these things. I don't know if I will be asked to accept it or not ... can we have some other more interesting questions?

The PGPO's conference EXPOSE WAR CRIMES: CRIMINALISE WAR is a grand gathering for serious Malaysian bloggers and ex-journalists. All the big names will be there.

Blogger United Button


One way to support our fellow Malaysian blogger is through merchandising & good PR. Here is one, a 1" button. Not for profit but every cents will be for the yet to be named malaysia blogger fund. Here, for more.

LomokidS serang Batu Cave?

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Itulah antara mesej dari Mokh. Banyak tugasan perlu dibuat. Tak boleh turut serta.