Sireh Dan Cengkeh - Website launched!

New website for Sireh & Cengkeh was officially launched today. Read my interview with Jen Angel ( ex Maximum Rock & Roll editor) and Timothy Tiah ( Executive Director of Nuffnang).

Air-Car Ready for Mass Production - Build by TATA

This is good news, both for human being and our planet. The company that build boxy vehicle and lorry like German Tanks, Tata Motors of India is planning to build a cap powered by compressed air. Theoretically, it should be more environmentally friendly and should be a hit among eco-geeks around the world. Maybe the looks is not to anyone taste, but you bet I will buy this if it comes to our shore. Or a NGV-powered Hummer. Why eco-friendly cars have to look that ugly? Via Neatorama.

The CityCat model, shown above, has a range of 125 miles, and scoots around at up to 68 mph. Filling up is a breeze - either use a special air compressor at a gas station for about $2.00, or just plug it in for 4 hours at home.

Libur ke Kedah

Sejak berkahwin inilah kali pertama kami sekeluarga melawat negeri kelahiran arwah Walid - Kedah. Faktor masa banyak membantutkan pergerakkan kami sebelum ini. Niat hendak ke Yan, melawat rumah pusaka arwah Tok Habib. Kabarnya sudah semakin uzur dan tak berpenghuni. Jumaat lepas kami akhirnya ke Sungai Petani, ke majlis perkahwinan 2 anak lelaki Syed Salleh, abang arwah walid.

Seronok Haziq. Ramai geng. Eksen, panggil buat dono.

The man who owns the Internet

Kevin Ham maybe unknown to many, but he owns thousands of websites names. During one six-month period starting in late 2000, Ham registered more than 10,000 names.

"It's time to build out the virtual real estate," Ham says. "There's so much more value in these names than pay-per-click.". Read here.

Apa itu Office 2.0

Pada masa akan datang, ofis maya akan mengambil alih ofis biasa. Aplikasi berasakan internet akan digunakan secara meluas. Kerjasama antara individu tidak lagi dihalang faktor geografi. Apakah sebenarnya Office 2.0?

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Bloggers United Gathering 2007

Update : 21/5

It a success. Read Rocky, Jeff, Nuraina & KL IS Home for details.

to the Bloggers United Malaysia Gathering 2007 page where you will find all the information that you need on this event! The theme we’ve chosen is Embrace & Engage. Well, that’s the whole objective of the gathering - to embrace the blogging phenomenon in Malaysia and to engage it by blogging (for those who haven’t yet). - Bloggers United Gathering 2007

19th May 2007

Time: 6.00pm – 11.00 pm.
Forum: 6.00pm - 8.00pm
Drinks: 8.00pm - 8.30pm
Buffet: 8.30pm - 11.00pm

The Lake View Club
Lot 3606, SS12/1, Subang Jaya
47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: +603 3733-8342

Jeff Ooi, Marina Mahathir, Tony Pua, Tian Chua and R. Nadeswaran (of Citizen Nades fame) and Sonia Randhawa (executive director of the Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) Malaysia). Ahirudin Attan (Rocky) will be a special speaker.

Google Analytics New Version

Google Analytics have come up with a new Version. More user-friendly and easier to understand. I still prefer Reinvigorate and Performancing Metrics. While Reinvigorate is easy to understand & live tracking is available, Performancing Metrics no nonsense layout left so little to choose between them.

Sireh Dan Cengkeh's website is live but still under construction.

The new Sireh Dan Cengkeh Terpilih's website will be unleashed in next few weeks with series of interview with local web entrepreneur. It will be a continuation of our 'zine's series which was halted few years back after 2 issues. All are welcome to register and contribute your writings to this website. The themes for each months will be released later. See you soon!

Selamat Hari Guru

Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers, ex-teachers and soon-to-be teachers all over the world. Kepada cikgu-cikgu Sekolah Rendah Perserian, Semerah, Batu Pahat, Sekolah Kebangsaan Ulu Tiram dan Sekolah Dato Jaafar, cikgu memang champion!

M'sia Security Commision list of Not authorized investment advice and/or fund management websites.

Internet investment is very shady and risky. I have encountered many kind of investment plans that guarantee maximum profit with minimum investment in a short time. For me, that's too good to be true. I know some of the schemes are genuine but I am old-skool, call me what you want but I prefer to know where the money actually come from and who is these people really are. I am more comfortable dealing with people face to face and not forced into making any decision that I am not 100% sure.

Below is the list of known companies and websites which are not authorised nor approved under the securities laws to deal in securities, provide investment advice and/or fund management services related to securities or futures, taken from Suruhanjaya Sekuriti's website. To view the full list, click here. Read the press release here.

ABFund ( )
Al-Arabic Fund ( )
ABB Fund ( )
Artemis Wealth Management
Asia Wallet/ASWtrader/Splitindex Inc ( )
AM Global Management ( )

BHG e-investment ( )
Bidvask Investment Ltd ( )
Buy-e-barrel ( )
Brentwood Trust Company ( )
Belton Market (

Cambridge Capital Trading
(, )
Capital Enhancement Club/ CEC
Capital Glory Holdings Ltd

Data Saham ( )
Dragon Gold Sdn Bhd / Dr Iain Gray
Duit Wayang
Dana Futures ( )
Dana Modal ( )
Debenture Petal Trust

eUK Gold ( ) ( ) ( )
E-suisse Fund ( )
Euro America Index ( )
E-Barrel (

Fical ( / )

GC Group Asset Management
Good Credit Asset Management
Goldmill Wagner Ltd / GWA Worldwide ( )
Global Investment Network System (

Hibah Funds

IPC Shopping Services Sdn Bhd/Empay ( )

Jai Network System Sdn Bhd

Lexworth Prestige

Mercury Acquisition Associates ( )
Montego Finance & Securities Berhad ( )
My Dinar ( )
Mind-X Solutions Sdn Bhd (www. beton
My Share ( )

Oregon Invest ( )
Ocean Balance Ltd

Pure Investor / PIPS ( , )
Prowealth Solutions ( )

Remisier ( )

Sunshine Empire ( )
Swiss Mutual Fund ( , )
Sweden Fund ( )
Solid Investment ( )
Smartcash ( )
Sime Securities ( )
Starr-Bradley Associates Inc ( )

Tian Ping ( )

UeBond ( )
United Capital Management Inc ( )
Universe Asset Management Inc / Tony So

Win Li Fund ( )
Whitman Pearce & Partners ( )

Alpha Numeric
3A Consulting Group Sdn Bhd

Sireh Dan Cengkeh Terpilih 2.0 - Will be released soon!

Watch this space. Sireh Dan Cengkeh Terpilih Webzine will be released very soon. I am sure, it will be juicy & interesting.

PosPay, Paypal versi Malaysia?

Bidang e-commerce di Malaysia semakin berkembang dan jumlah rakyat yang membuat pembelian melalui internet semakin meningkat. Cara pembayaran pula pelbagai. Bagi laman web luar negara, selain dari kad kredit, mereka mempunyai PayPal sebagai pilihan. Malangnya rakyat Malaysia yang ingin mengeluarkan duit dari akaun PayPal, mereka harus mempunyai akaun bank di Amerika atau paling dekat, Singapura.

PosPay boleh dikatakan PayPal versi Malaysia. Ia membenarkan pengguna membuat penbayaran dengan mudah. PosPay diuruskan oleh Pospay Exchange Sdn Bhd dan merupakan produk bersama antara POS Malaysia Berhad dan The Royal Mint Exchange Sendirian Berhad. Antara kelebihan Pospay,

1. Pengguna & penjual Tidak perlu takut dengan penipuan kad kredit.
2. Pengguna & Penjual boleh menggunakan semua bank utama.
3. Pengguna boleh kawal jumlah yang dibelanja.
4. Membayar bill utility.
5. Menambah-balik (reload) prabayar dari syarikat telekomunikasi.
6. Muat turun servis-servis telefon mudah alih.
7. Menaghantar wang ke pihak ketiga.

Untuk mendaftarkan akaun, sila ke laman web mereka. Untuk menambah wang ke akaun, pengguna perlu ke pejabat pos terpilih di Lembah Kelang & seluruh negara. Wang juga boleh didepositkan di pusat servis Pospay di Petaling Jaya & bank-bank terpilih. Kini PosPay mempunyai lebih 53 syarikat yang mendaftar sebagai ‘merchant’ dan 23 syarikat lagi di dalam proses menjadi ‘merchant’. Satu bonus sekiranya PosPay dapat berkerjasama dengan laman web e-commerce utama seperti Ebay dan Amazon.

An Interview with Jay Adelson, CEO of Digg

I am participating in a collaborative writing & open journalism project. Assignment Zero is a new approached to journalism that allow people (public) to help cover a story. It's a collaboration among NewAssignment.Net & Wired. Next week I with the help of Christine Riedel, an editor of Assignment Zero will have the chance to interview Jay Alderson, CEO of the massively popular social content website Digg. I am still jotting down notes and questions for the interview. Wish me luck. More info soon.

Want a Joost Invitation?

Update: All will get one but becauseI will be away from my PC this weekend, I will send ya'll an invitation this Monday ASAP!

Joost is a new service that lets you watch TV on your PC, without the hassle of installing any hardware. Joost was the brainchild of Skype's founders Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström. It is an exiting service but still in beta stage. Everyone that want to download it need an invitation, either from fellow beta-tester or from Joost developer. I was awarded an invitation recently and anyone want one can contact me or leave their email add at comment section.

Random Photo of cute kids.

Started a thread on Yayhooray, where people put random photos of kids (can be theirs or someone else). Kinda fun. BTW, I have one invite, in case anyone interested.

World Press Freedom Day

Today, 3rd May is Word Press Freedom Day. It was designated by the UN in 1933 to create awareness & the importance of freedom of press. Read more about it in Google & Yahoo! news. And here is a message fro UN Secr. General Ban Ki-moon.

Journalist & blogger

In a related news, The National Union of Journalists Malaysia (NUJM) wants goverment to recognize the existance of netizen and blogs as an alternative source of information. Read it here.

The usage of internet and the concept of the uncensored `borderless world'have made information more easily accessible to anyone. As such, any abuses committed by public officials can be immediately exposed on the internet - Norila Mohd Daud, President NUJM.

UEFA Champions League

The final showdown; Liverpool Vs AC Milan. Sweet!