Allah Made Me Funny

Allah Made Me Funny is a comedy tour that are not only funny, but insightful and educational. Their tour have been a success! Thanks to IslamCrunch for the information.

The concept of this tour is to make a comprehensive effort to provide effective, significant, and appropriate comedy with an Islamic perspective, which is both mainstream and cross-cultural. The idea is to provide a venue whereby Muslims and non-Muslims can feel safe, relevant, and inclusive of an experience where humor is used to bridge gaps of bias, intolerance, and other social ills that are pre and post 9/11 relevant,” says Preacher Moss, co-founder, and one of the featured comedians on the tour

Preach is very smart and very funny - Damon Wayans

BD4D new look

The once popular hangout for designers BD4D have a major face lift! Clean and refreshing!

OLPC may be sold to public comsumer coming this Christmas

The cute and adorable laptop that was aimed as an affordable teaching tool and was previously sold to organizations and governments only, may be available to public this Christmas. The price maybe a little expensive, around USD350 to USD525. Wait until next year and hopefully can find one floating on Ebay.

The Latest Harry Potter Book already on the net.

The new Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows that was kept under tight security prior to it official launch date was found floating on the net. You can download the whole book, not in pdf-book format, rather picture of the whole book, page by page from bit-torrent website. Read the story on Boing Boing and TechCrunch. To hardcore Harry Potter fans, just look away!

How to appreciate your dead heroes

Through sms voting perhaps? 50 cents per vote? I don't think so. Read here & here.

Akekah Fahim & Hari Jadi Haziq @ Sarang Buaya, Semerah

Majlis akekah & potong jambul Syed Fahim akan diadakah pada hari Sabtu, (haaa, tenguk dah betulkan dah) 18/8 lepas Asar. Diikuti oleh majlis makan-makan dan gomol-mengomol oleh para makcik-makcik dan sepupu-sepapat. Haziq masuk 2 tahun pada 28/8, kira majlis 2 in 1 la ni. Sarang Buaya dekat mana? Antara Batu Pahat- Muar. Landmark paling senang ialah replika buaya naik sampan yang sungguh menggerunkan kalau tenguk malam-malam. Kalau dari Batu Pahat, sampai je Semerah, lajak sikit nampak Masjid, boleh start signal kiri. Lepas lagi satu rumah besar, ada simpang, terus masuk kiri. Ala, senang-senang telepon je la!

User generated blog for environmentally-conscious blogger.

If you have news to share that can help to easy the pain on our planet, you might want to check out Hugg, brought to you by the guys at Treehugger. Btw, here is TIME's 50 Best Websites 2007

Thanks, I'm sooo speachless..

I won 2 things for the last 2 weeks. Stickers from the very oh-so-hip movement McFly2015. And Just now I received another news that I just won a RED G-Shock Watch from the good guy at Uniqlock. TERIMA KASIH!!!

Merah beb. Dah la gua ni kulit tak berapa cerah.

Who want a Pownce account?

I have only 3 only (THREE) Prownce invites left to give out to anyone
who can, hmmm tell me why does he deserve the invites. I will announce
it tomorrow.

Enertia . Your eco friendly motorcycle.

The day of ugly looking eco-friendly bike is over. Now you can have a cool looking motorbike with a top speed of 50mph ( decent enough for me). Brought to you by the nice people at Brammo.

Top 30 blogging cities.

In a recent BusinessWeek's article, dated July 2nd, Jakarta and the tiny island nation Singapore are in the top 30 cities for blog posting and comments. KL?

The article explore how the 2nd generation internet is changing our culture and web 2.0 have help small startup to succeed and venture into new territories.

Chicago startup skinnyCorp goes even further. One of its businesses, Threadless, a clothing and accessories company, runs online contests soliciting designs for T-shirts from people around the world. It selects finalists and then invites people to vote online for the best designs. The ones with the most votes get produced. To deepen the engagement of consumers in the process, skinnyCorp set up blogs on its Web site, where people can try out design ideas and get feedback from others. Designs come in from all over, and 35% of sales are international. "We have pioneered a completely different way of doing business," says Jeffrey Kalmikoff, skinnyCorp's chief creative officer. "It's a community-based business. You completely erase the R&D and a lot of the risk, because we just make what people want."

How to get your own free iphone

The hot new 'in' thing of the moment is the spanking new iphone, another star product from the good people at Apple. Want to be the first people to own one? Why pay if you can win one, right? Mahalo, the new venture by Jason Calacanis is holding a contest and the winner will get, you guess it, an iphone. See the details here. P/s. Here are more links. Just don't go crazy, okay!

Feedburner Stats PRO is now free

The popular feed management service Feedburner have open up their previously paid service, Feedburner Pro TotalStats and MyBrand to users for free. Google, the giant search engine company have been very generous and one step ahead of competition which, in turn, benefit their users. Read the full story here

Live Earth

Live Earth is a 24-hour, 7-continent concert series taking place on 7/7/07 that will bring together more than 100 music artists and 2 billion people to trigger a global movement to solve the climate crisis.

It will be broadcast live worldwide audience by MSN at