Pramoedya Ananta Toer dead at 81

Renowned Indonesian author Pramoedya Ananta Toer, who suffered from heart trouble and diabetes, died Sunday, a family member said. He was 81.

Websites to help your blogs grow

Weblog’s function is starting to grow from online diary or journal to something more serious and can generate income for some. Let take some time and see website that could help in improving your blog or website.

Vitaminthink is the brain child of Ryan Carson of Carson System. He is better known to designers as the co-founder of BD4D. What is interesting and special about Vitaminthink are the peoples behind it or the ‘advisory board’ that were made up of several big players in the web 2.0 scene. The member of the board includes Carl Henderson, the founder of Flickr, the popular picture sharing and ‘tag’ging website that allow people to share picture among members for free. He is one of the people that first introduce the term ‘tag’ in categorizing files or links. Other people include Dave Shea, of csszengarden, a css guru and Shaun Inman. It is a mix of designers and programmers giving out tips and pointers about what they do best so reader will have a first hand look on how to improve your web.

Other website worth a visit that could help you to improve your website is Their mission is “To create a home for professional bloggers. A place where those that want to make money from their blogs can learn, and perfect the art of making a living from weblogging.”It give advice on how to improve your revenue and the correct way to generate income using the internet. Unlike Vitaminthink, there are no legends here but some of the articles are really simple but useful.

Other notable websites include Alist apart, which touches more about web developing and for the avid blogger, there is always Pro blogger to guide from an amature to a professional blogger.

Masalah solat dan puasa di angkasa lepas

Mengikut we make money not art, ANGAKASA atau National Space Agency of Malaysia akan mengadakan seminar mengenai kaedah solat di angkasa lepas. Malaysian masih lagi di dalam proses pemilihan calon-calon yang sesuai. 3 dari 4 calon yang telah disenarai pendek ialah terdiri dari orang Islam. Antara isu yang akan dibincangkan ialah cara berwuduk dengan air yang sangat terhad dan makanan yang sesuai untuk orang Islam

Stesen angkasa yang akan dilawati angkasawan Malaysia akan mengelilingi bumi sebanyak 16 kali dalam masa 24 jam. Ini juga antara persoalan menarik yang perlu diselesaikan oleh para ulama

Hybrid scooter. Old skool styling with economy & environment in mind

Imagine, 25 percent more power and use 20 percent less petrol. And it loook good! Vespa have develope 2 eco & pocket friendly scooter, Piaggio X8 125 and Vespa LX 50. Hope to see it here, sometime soon.

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Liverpool ended Chelsea's hopes of a domestic Double with victory at Old Trafford in their FA Cup semi-final. -

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Lagi cerita kawin

Berita baik! Selepas Yusri, (berdiri, nombor dua dari kanan) ada lagi 2 orang hamba Allah yang akan mendirikan masjid tidak lama lagi. Sila tanda pangkah besar-besar dekat kalender. Orang pertama, Apis Aminuddin. Kalau sekali himbas dalam gamba ni, memang takda gamba dia. Pasal dia yang ambik gamba ni, tu kasut Converse Hitam tu kasut dia. Rumah pengantin laki 28 May. Lokasi: Taman Bukit Tiram, dekat dengan masjid. Anak Pak Din Surabaya. Dia kira legend kat taman tu, sebut je, orang tau la mana rumah dia.

Pengantin nombot dua, Syamsul Hasni. Dia mamat yang pakai baju pink, jangan tanya dia tengah pegang apa, aku tak ambik pot. Tarikh: 4 Jun. Lokasi, Juga Taman Bukit Tiram. Sila bawa duit untuk salam kokot. Insyallah, kalau ada kesempatan sampai la kami ke lokasi yang telah dinyatakan tadi. Best kalau dapat kumpul semua geng-geng Bukit ni.

Din Kambing sekarang dah kerja kat Sudan (pakai topi paling kiri). Hari tu dia ada balik sini, sempat singgah rumah, borak-borak sambil sesi bergambar impromtu dengan Haziq. Din pakai Perlude sekarang. Kereta hebat, aku tumpang gembira. Yang cemas tu masa nak balik tiba-tiba kereta hilang kuasa, hilang kawalan sekejap. Masa tu hujan renyai-renyai. Bergegas la datang, ingat ada masalah besar, rupanya minyak habis. Kereta hebat, drebar dia boleh tahan loaded. Oil indicator tak berfungsi, takda maknanya. Din, lu memang kambing. Lagi satu, kami ada gamba hangat finalist Hero Remaja! Tak percaya?

Kami-Robo, fighting paper robot!

The Ole

Thunder Cloud

Kami-robo are robot fighters made from paper, measuring about 15 to 20 centimeters tall. They have joints at the shoulders, hips, elbows, knees, wrists and ankles, which enable them to move freely and smoothly. They are designed to fight. Hold them in your hands and discover how ferociously and skillfully they can wrestle. If injured, they are immediately repaired and returned to the ring to fight to the bitter end. This is not a delicate handmade collection that requires special care. Since 1982, over 200 kami-robo have been created by Tomohiro Yasui. Madroneck Fighter, the first kami-robo, remains in top condition and is a keen contender in the ring.


Selamat Pengantin Baru , Yuzri Izly

laporan kesihatan bakal pengantin, originally uploaded by Syed Syahrul Zarizi.

Lama tak dengar berita, tup-tup sms sampai, mintak alamat. alamak, ini lain macam je bunyi. Kesangsian yang makin membusut terjawab dengan sekeping kad Kahwin warna hitam. Betol. Dia nak kawin. Dengan awek Pahang. Alhamdullilah. Kita jumpa di Seremban, dengan sepupu sepapat dari Johor termasuk Apis G dan Apis K. Soalan : Dah pikir panjang ke ni beb? Hehehe. Selamat Pengantin Baru!

Useful blogging tool part 2

In the first part, I have highlighted some programs or tools that can be very useful for bloggers. There are still many tools that can help blogger to improve their blog's performance. Here are some other tools that I think very useful and assential to any bloggers.

4. Feedblitz.
With the emergence of RSS and feeds, users today can subscribe to their favorite feed and later, can browse through it without even going to the respective website. This will cut short on surfing time when you can just browse through your RSS reader such as Google Reader and Bloglines for updates then going one by one to your favorite website. There are also program, as I have mention earlier such as Feeddigest that compile your favorite feed and then provide a Java script so user can put it onto their blog to make it more interesting.

Majority of computer users still prefer to check their email for news and updated whenever they turn on their computer. In a survey done, people are likely to check their email first before doing other thing once they are online. For this, there is a website that provide feed subscriber service that automatically email new update to the subscriber. The service is free, and it also provides a chicklet that shows how many people are subscribing to your feed, just like Feedburner.

5. Rollyo
One function that is very important for user to track back quickly through an archive is using the search function. Some blogging software does provide a search box but some did not, such as Blogger. Google have provided search box service for free and user with Adsense can also make money with it. For those that are looking for alternative search box that is quick and fully customizable, look no further, try Rollyo.

The major different between Rollyo and Google search box is that Rollyo is powered by Yahoo. But unlike Google that allow user to search using its search engine, which is good, Rollyo give the option to user to choose where their want to search in. User can type in any URL where they want to search in.

Apa itu sajak?

Sebuah sajak yang menjadi adalah suatu dunia. Dunia yang dijadikan, diciptakan kembali oleh si penyair. Diciptakannya kembali, dibentukkannya dari benda dan rohani, keadaan (ideal dan visual) alam dan penghidupan sekelilingnya, dia juga mendapat bahan dari hasil-hasil kesenain lain yang bererti bagi dia, berhubung jiwa dengan dia, dari pikiran-pikiran dan pendapat orang lain, segala yang masuk dalam bayangannya, anasir-anasir atau unsur-unsur yang sudah ada dijadikannya, dihubungkannya satu sama lain, dikahwinkannya menjadi satu kesatuan yang penuh (indah serta mengharukan) dan baru, suatu dunia baru, dunia kepunyaan penyair itu sendiri. - Chairil Anwar dipetik dari Pidato Radio 1946

The poet of essences and pure ideas must seek in the half-light that glimmer from symbol to symbol as if to the ends of the earth. all that the epic and dramatic poet finds of mystery and shadow in the accidental circumstances of life. - William Butler Yeats from The Philosophy of Shelley's Poetry

Color My Iris

Formed early 2002, with initial line-up consisting of Thong Wing Hoong (Thong), Ang Chek Chow (Ang), Yau Way King (King), Ahmad Nazery (Jiboy) and Rohazuddin Hassan (E.D). From band members being the key persons in both of the hot and controversial JBHC bands, Kharisma and Kamasutra, we evolved to a band playing mostly soft melancholic songs that reflect a more relaxing side of indie music. Our music was influenced and inspired by a a huge range of bands, such as The Gloria Record, Mineral, Sunny Day Real Estate, Buddhistson, Elliott, and Cursive. More!

Karya campur tanpa limit

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'Karya Seni digital dan tradisional 2004 - 2006' ialah sebuah projek buku PDF yang mengetengahkan karya-karya seni dalam bentuk digital dan tradisional sepanjang tahun 2004 sehingga 2006. Dikelolakan oleh Xlimit ia adalah satu usaha yang perlu diberi sokongan. Keluaran pertama April 2006 bertemakan 'Karta Campur Tanpa Limit!' . Antara artis yang menyumbangkan karya mereka ialah zuraizee, milx, Anajin, siongs, muid latif dan ramai lagi. (via senimanjalanan thanks!)

Keluaran berikut akan membawa tema 'Saat dalam kehidupan'. Tarikh tutup 30 April 2006. Tunggu apa lagi!

Wildlife Recycled Tire Swings


This is a good idea to turn your old tires to something useful for the kids and keep the environment clean!

These recycled auto and truck tires are sculpted into some of the safest, strongest and most enjoyable swings in the world! Wildlife Tire Swings are all hand made from beginning to end in the USA and Europe. They are purchased by individuals, businesses and schools without complaint, return or injury. More!