Starbury, cheap alternative to expensive sneakers, with same quality standard.

pick of the week Forget Nike and Reebok. They are ridiculously exspensive and overrated. I did not recall of owning one of those in 10 years. A company in US have produced a sneakers with the same quality made by other high end manufacturer (such as Nike, Adidas & Reebook) that only cost USD15, Starbury. It was designed by Steve & Barry's University Sportswear and come with an endorsement by New York Knick star Stephon Marbury. Stephon said, he will wear it to the court next season. He will not be paid for endorsing it but on how well they sell.

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Test drive; Crazyegg, visualize your visitors

There are lots of free website and tools that help blogger and webmaster to track down & compile information about visitors that come to their website. From the ever popular Statcounter to the detail and complicated Google Analytic. Now, we have another option that lets user visualized their visitor’s activities rather then looking at mere numbers and statistics.

Crazyegg is a fun little tool that lets you do just all that in a very simple setup. It is useful especially to test a new design & to test various layouts or placement of key elements such as ads or action buttons. Like other website statistic tracking tool, user have to first paste the code into the page they want to track the information. Information’s can be viewed in 3 different style, overlay, list and heatmap. Overlay and heatmap are quite similar, where they will show the actual page you are tracking and highlight the parts that were clicked by visitors with markers, different color representing numbers on clicks.

They have 4 packages for user to choose from. There is the free package that, unfortunately allows 2 pages to be tracked in one time. The other 3 packages allow users to track more pages. Overall, it is a fun tool to use with a very clear and easy to understand interface. The functions are rather limited and the color scheme and all reminds me to another great website tracking tool, Have a mint.

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Syed Haziq 1st birthday aniversary pool party!

28 haribulan Ogos ini usia Haziq genaplah setahun. Untuk menyambut hari kelahiran budak comel ni, ahli jawatankuasa majlis akan mengadakan majlis makan-makan sambil borak-borak.. cerita penuh

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The USD100 laptop now have a name : CM1 or The Children's Machine

The ever sensational cute & adorable laptop now have a proper name. The design keep changing but the funkiness never change. Thailand is testing 530 units and here is some infomation on how to own one of this.

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Terkini : Project Bancian Weblog Malaysia

Jumlah penyertaan yang berjaya di kumpul sehingga kini sudah mencecah 106 blog Berikut ialah antara penyertaan terawal yang saya diterima. Majoritinya diterima melalui emel dan informasi yang ditinggalkan dibahagian komen. Sila berikan maklumbalas anda sekiranya ada penyertaan yang tertinggal atau berulang. Lihat senarai lain di sini dan sini. Borang bancian pula boleh didapati di sini. Tarikh tutup ialah 30 September.

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XLimit #04 : M.E.R.D.E.K.A

Issue terbaru PDF 'zine Sifoo telah terbit. XLimit #04 dengan tema "M.E.R.D.E.K.A" boleh dimuat turun di sini. Penyertaan untuk keluaran akan datang kini dibukan kepada orang ramai. Isu #5 pula akan membawa tema "X_presi!" . Untuk maklumat lanjut sila ke

Henry Rollins : The Bomb Shelter

If you can't get enough of Henry Rollins & his talk show, check-out, The Bomb Shelter, his "Musical Guests' Hq." Great interviews with artists & bands such as Slayer, Dinasor Jr, Thom York of Radiohead, Frank Black (Pixies), Ben Harper, Rollins Band, Ani DeFranco, Jurrasic 5 (great old-skool hop-hop) and much more. He also have his own radio show, Harmony In My Head. You can also read his musing in The Huffington Post.

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Test drive ; Writely, the spanking hot, Google - powered, free word processor

pick of the week The guys at Google seem to work overtime these days. Over the weekend, Google have update the ever popular but heavily lacking in features Blogger and add some much needed feature to it. The result is very yummy indeed. Can't wait for the live version (for those old blogger users). After acquiring Writely, the have re-launched it with great additional features that will thread Microsoft Word's dominant as a leading word processing software in more way then one. First off, for once, people can subscribe to documents via RSS! No more data lost as every document will be saved every 10 seconds and documents can be saved in PDF format. It have the usual, full fledge word process features have but the big difference is, Writely is an internet base appliance, ready to be used and require no download. It can be saved and updated over the internet, either by the original author or other users. Go on, give it a try!

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Image of the day : Depress

depress, originally uploaded by Syed Syahrul Zarizi.

Legendary punk band from Kota Tinggi, Johor. Taken circa 2002 by Din Akar

Digg Malaysia, the story so far

You know, you have to give the guy at some credit. Even If the site really is a fake - rip-off (yes, it is!) they have done a briliant job at it! Complete with the beta tag and all. Thanks to Zoe, I did checked 'whois' behind this shaddy operation and there nothing legit to show Kevin Rose have a hand on this localize version.

[ Domain Name ]

[ MYNIC Registration No. ]

[ Record Created ]

[ Record Expired ]

[ Record Last Modified ]

[ Invoicing Party MYNIC Handle: R07 ]
Fauziah Musa
Level 18Menara HLA, 3,
Jalan Kia Peng
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan
(Tel) 03-27231511(Fax) 03-86579484

[ Registrant MYNIC Handle: HIKE0.ORG ]
Hik Enterprise(001346626A)43,
Jalan Raja Chulan
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan
Tel) 603-20312314(Fax) 603-20312340

[ Administrative Contact MYNIC Handle: DCA024696 ]
Arsyan Ismail
Hik Enterprise
43, Jalan Raja Chulan
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan
Tel) 012-3901415(Fax) -

[ Billing Contact MYNIC Handle: DCA024696 ]
Arsyan Ismail
Hik Enterprise
43, Jalan Raja Chulan
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan
(Tel) 012-3901415(Fax) -

[ Technical Contact MYNIC Handle: DCA024697 ]
Arsyan Ismail
HIK Enterprise
43 Jalan Raja Chulan
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan
Tel) 012-3901415(Fax) 0-0

[ Primary Name Server MYNIC Handle: DSA002045 ]

[ Secondary Name Server MYNIC Handle: DSA002046 ]

Some views and comments from users, from a post by me and fullfilth

org yang tiru digg tu mmg bodoh sebab tau cuma tiru idea orang lain.3 bulan lepas ni site tu pun hilang la... - Shafiq

Thats so bad, its bloody brilliant!! conjuror1972

we should send chuck norris over there to take care of these cheaters, one roundhouse kick at a time oakj423

it's not from, BTW blink21

Well, now you know.

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Google Analytics Now Open To Everyone

The Google Analytics Blog has announced that you no longer need an invitation to receive the Website statistics tracking for free. Just head on over to the Google Analytics site and login with you Google account. It will then take you through the steps that are needed to setup your Website.

read more | digg story

Digg is now in Malaysia

pick of the week Digg is now in Malaysia! For those that are not familiar with it, Digg is a user driven social content website. Everything on Digg is submitted by user and the reader will decide what they like best. The founder was Kevin Rose, you might remember him from TechTV aired on Astro channel 13.

I love it since day one because of the simply and community driven style. I stumble upon the Malaysian version by chance and it seem to be enjoying quite a good run. There are no detail about the people behind the Malaysian version, though.

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How to make street art stickers. A video tutorial

If you have very itchy hands and a head full of great ideas, why don't channel it into something creative. Say, a sticker art? This video shows how easy it is to be an artist. You can use everything around you and make your statement about almost anything. Choose your canvas carefully and don't vandalized people's property. Make art not war! (via wooster collective)

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Colorsplash flash, originally uploaded by 【K】.

Baru beli Lomo Colorsplash flash malam semalam. Ingat nak beli Colorsplash camera atau Holga tapi kombinasi Nikon F55 + Fisheye lense dengan colorsplash flash ni pun macam menarikk je. Tak saba!

Lebanon, One month later

There, between the city of the dead and the city of the leaving, I meditated. I thought of the eternal silence in the first and the endless sorrow in the second
Khalil Gibran, The City Of The Dead

ZineWiki. The independent media wikipedia

To 'zine editors and readers, this one is for you! Start contributing now.

ZineWiki is an open-source encyclopedia devoted to zines and independent media. It covers the history, production, distribution and culture of the small press. Feel free to add your project, contribute additional information to already existing pages, or to edit what’s already published. Subjects should be explained in terms of their relevance to zines and independent media. ZineWiki was created by Alan Lastufka and Kate Sandler in June 2006.

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MC Plus+ "Revenge of the nerdcore!"

MC Plus+, an extraordinary geek rapper, has released 'Chip Hop,' a new CD of nerdcore rapping; including a great track called 'MySpace Pimpin'' that really rocks. It's all freely

Kebaikkan mengeteh sambil makan roti canai adalah sama dengan menghadiri kelas KUMON.

pick of the week Dalam satu kajian yang dijalankan oleh Tze-Pin Ng dari NUS, kari ialah sejenis makanan yang boleh menambah kuasa otak manusia,

What is remarkable is that apparently one needs only to consume curry once in a while for the better cognitive performance to be evidenced

Kepada ibu bapa, rajin-rajinlah masak kari dari sekarang. Jangan takut kalau anak anda suka melepak gerai mamak sambil pekena roti canai. Ia baik untuk otak mereka. Patutlah ramai programmer & jurutera komputer adalah dari India.

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Image of the day

masjid putrajaya, originally uploaded by Syed Syahrul Zarizi.

Taken with Nikon F55D and Vitacon 0.45 semi fisheye

Chairil Anwar - binatang jalang yang dikenang.

Evani Alissa ialah seorang anak comel yang masih tidak tahu keistimewaannye sendiri. Semasa dia di dalam kelas 3 Sekolah Rakyat Latihan, Manggarai, Indonesia, seorang guru datang kepadanya dengan buku karya B.H. Jassin. Seraya itu, siguru memberitahu, Ip, inikan papa kamu. Dia termenung kerana terasa seperti pernah melihat gambar itu waktu sebelumnya. Apabila ditanya kepada ibu dan seluruh keluarga, mereka segera menafikan.

Pada dia di kelas 5 baru rahsia itu dipecahkan oleh pakcik belah si ibu, itu memang bapa Evani. Dia rasa dibohongi. Alasan keluarga hanya untuk menjaga perasaannya yang kini hidup sebagai seorang anak tiri.

Bapa Evani bukan orang yang calang-calang. Di Indonesia, malah juga di Malaysia, si bohemian ini sungguh tinggi lagendanya terutama dikalangan penyajak lama. Tanya A.Samad Said, Latif Mohideen barangkali mereka akan segera menambah cerita mereka sendiri tentang si bapa Evani. Begitu tinggi sumbangan beliau, hari demi hari Evani berasa cukup bangga mempunyai dia sebagai bapa walau tidak sempat mengenalinya dengan dekat.

Sajak beliau yang paling dikenali ialah sajak Aku. Bait-baitnya kasar dan memberontak. Lain dari susunan sajak tradisional pada masa itu. Mereka kata ia boleh menggores perasaan. Perasaan siapa? Mungki Chairil Anwar, mungkin orang-orang yang tidak memahaminya. Namun tidak pernah sekali Chairil ambil peduli. Malah makin kuat jadinya.

Aku ini binatang jalang
Dari kumpulannya terbuang

Biar peluru
menebus kulitku
Aku tetap meradang menerjang

Luka dan bisa kubawa
Hingga hilang pedih peri

Ajal menjemput Chairil Anwar pada masa umur beliau cuma 27 tahun. Jumlah yang nampak kecil tetapi legasi peninggalan beliau hingga kini masih dikagumi. Di dalam sebuah buku yang ditulis untuk memperingati 50 tahun selepas kematian beliau, Asrul Sani, penyajak seangkatan dengan Chairil Anwar menyatakan pemergian beliau bagaikan satu lingkaran yang selesai.

Asrul kenal Chairil kerana dua-duannya sayangkan buku dan sajak. Beliau bercerita, Chairil seorang yang sungguh sayangkan ibunya yang bernama Saleha. Chairil dilahirkan dalam keluarga orang berada. Di sebelah ayahnya. Apabila hubungan ibu dan bapanya, Toeloes, retak, Chairil pilih untuk tinggal dengan ibu, jauh sekali dari hidup yang serba mewah. Itu mungkin banyak membentuk peribadi beliau yang liar dan memberontak, seperti yang boleh dilihat dalam semua karya beliau.

Dia dilahirkan dan besar di Medan. Seoarang pelajar yang bijak dan cerdas mengikut para guru. Pada usia semuda 19 tahun dia berpindah dari Medan ke Jakarta kerana tidak setuju dengan tindakkan bapanya yang kahwin lagi. Di situlah beliau belajar hidup dan mengambil keputusan untuk tidak meneruskan pelajaran.

Asrul Sani bercerita, dia mula kenal Chairil di sebuah kedai buku. Chairil nampak kusut tidak terurus tapi rakus membaca. Chairil mula berjinak-jinak dengan penulisan secara serious semasa beliau berusia 21 tahun. Beliau mula menghantar karya beliau ke majalah seperti Panji Poestaka. Malah pada tahun itulah sajak Aku ditulis.

Dalam buku yang saya baca, Asrul Sani mengisahkan persahabatan beliau dengan Chairil dengan cukup asyik. Chairil, Asril dan seorang lagi rakan mereka, Rivai Apai sempat menubuhkan kumpulan puisi Tiga Menguak Takdir dan diterbitkan pada tahun 1950. Chairil sendiri tidak sempat melihat naskah itu. Mereka, masing-masing mempunyai cara yang berbeza tapi perjuangan tetap sama.

Kebetulan, semasa buku sederhana tebal berwarna merah ini dibeli, Indonesia sedang hebat dengan tayangan filem Ada Apa Dengan Cinta. Visual si Rangga memegang buku Chairil Anwar sama dengan perwatakkan watak itu. Sifat Chairil yang asli dari segi tidak sekali dia melindungi perasaannya cukup untuk membuktikan sajak-sajaknya adalah dirinya juga. Walau jasad tiada, tapi kata-kata itu masih bergema hingga kini.

Evani Alissa mungkin tidak begitu kenal siapa Chairil Anwar kerana dia meniggal semasa dia masih kecil pada tahun 28 April 1949. Evani bercerita, puisi Chairil yang paling berkesan padanya ialah Cintaku Jauh di Pulau. Tetapi puisi kedua pilihan beliau yang paling menyentuh dan barangkali merangkumi perasaan Chairil pada waktu-waktu akhir hidupnya, Selamat Tinggal.

Ini muka penuh luka
Siapa punya?
Kudengar seru menderu
Apa hanya angin lalu?

Tarikh: 11 February 2006
Rujukan : Derai-Derai Cemara, Puisi dan Prosa Chairil Anwar, Yayasan Indonesia, 2000.

Quote of the day

If the world is sincere in helping the Lebanese and Palestinians, they should reject the use of the dollar in international trade.When the demand for the dollar falls, America will be weakened and it will lack the ability to act as a bully in the global stage.

Tun Mahathir on how to pressure Washington to end its support for Israel’s savage attack on Lebanon.

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