Dah nak raya dah.

Dah start dah lagu raya berkumandang diradio. Sayu rasa. Sapa yang rajin, kasi kad raya la kalau brani.

Beribadah di angkasa lepas. Apa kata Jakim

Tentu ramai yang masih muskil bagaimana bakal angkasawan kita akan beribadah di angkasa lepas. Hal ini mendapat liputan didalam beberapa laman web dan blog. Kini, Jakim telah mengeluarkan panduan untuk menjelaskan hal ini. Klik sini untuk keterangan selanjutnya.


3.Pelaksanaan ibadah di ISS merangkumi perkara berikut:

3.1 Cara Beristinja’

Beristinja’ adalah dengan menggunakan tisu yang digunapakai di
Syarat-syarat beristinja’ seperti berikut:
i. Bahan yang digunakan untuk beristinja’ sesuatu yang suci,
bukan najis dan bukan bahan yang dihormati.
ii. Bahan yang kering.
iii. Bahan yang kesat.
iv. Bahan yang digunakan tidak kurang daripada tiga seperti
tiga biji batu.
v. Najis yang keluar belum kering.
vi. Najis yang keluar tidak melewati kawasan laluannya.

3.2 Mengangkat Hadas

i. Mengangkat Hadas Kecil
Mengangkat hadas kecil adalah dengan bertayammum
secara menepuk ISS seperti dinding, cermin dan sebagainya
(walaupun tiada debu).
ii. Mengangkat Hadas Besar
Mengangkat hadas besar adalah dengan cara yang sama di
Para 3.2(i).

3.3 Penentuan Qiblat

Penentuan qiblat adalah mengikut kemampuan berdasarkan
urutan berikut:
i. Kaabah
ii. Unjuran Kaabah
iii. Bumi
iv. Mana-mana arah.

3.4 Penentuan Waktu Solat

Lima waktu solat dalam tempoh 24 jam (1 hari di bumi)
menggunapakai waktu solat tempat berlepas1 angkasawan.

3.5 Cara Menunaikan Solat

i. Solat boleh ditunaikan secara jama’ dan qasar dan tidak
perlu diqada’.
ii. Pelaksanaan rukun fi’li (perbuatan) solat adalah dengan
mengikat diri angkasawan mengikut kesesuaian keadaan di
ISS berdasarkan urutan berikut:
a. Jika tidak berupaya berdiri tegak, hendaklah berdiri
secara membongkok.
b. Jika tidak berupaya berdiri, hendaklah secara duduk.
Seseorang boleh melakukan ruku’ dengan dahinya
setentang lutut atau yang lebih utama setentang
dengan tempat sujud.
c. Jika tidak berupaya duduk, hendaklah secara
berbaring mengiring di atas lambung kanan dan
bahagian tubuh menghadap qiblat.
d. Jika tidak berupaya baring, hendaklah secara
e. Jika tidak berupaya menelentang, hendaklah secara
isyarat mata bagi setiap pergerakan solat.
f. Jika tidak berupaya juga, hendaklah dengan hati iaitu
menggambarkan dirinya berdiri, ruku’, sujud dan
iii. Pelaksanaan rukun qawli (perkataan) solat adalah sama
seperti di bumi.

3.6 Cara Menunaikan Puasa

i. Puasa boleh ditunaikan samada di ISS atau di bumi secara
qada’ sekiranya melibatkan bulan Ramadhan.
ii. Penentuan waktu puasa adalah menggunapakai waktu
puasa tempat berlepas angkasawan.
1 Dengan penyesuaian untuk kawasan melebihi latitud 45ยบ Utara mengikut
buku Kaedah Panduan Falak Syarie terbitan JAKIM.

3.7 Pengurusan Jenazah

i. Jenazah perlu dibawa balik ke bumi untuk pengurusan
seperti biasa.
ii. Sekiranya jenazah tidak boleh dibawa balik, maka
diharuskan menyemadikannya di angkasa dengan
pengurusan jenazah secara yang ringkas.

BURQINI™ Swimwear - Stylish swimwear for Muslim women.

Ahiida, an Australian company have produce a chic line of Women wear that is a hit in Europe. Read here an article frim International Herald Tribune.

Punks or ravers they certainly are not. Discrete and devout, their kind of fashion statement could not be further from the razor-sharp mohawks or day-glo accessories of those counter-culture types. But young Muslim entrepreneurs around the world are making their own fashion statements, modestly, challenging the status quo in their communities as well as stereotypes outside.

Ahiida's line of swimsuit, BURQINI™ is a two-piece, beach-friendly tracksuit which covers the whole body. It covers the head and the material is of high quality. Often we see akak and makcik at the beach wearing with their loose tudung bawal-swiming. Not safe! The solution is here and hopefully we can see it in a store here soon.

Introduction to FPX.

Shopping, as we knew it have changed alot since the past few years because of the advance of technology. The now cheap Internet services & technology have cause people to spend more time online either for information or leisure. The numbers of people shopping online also increases, together with the number of websites and portals that sell various products and services.

In Malaysia, there are some drawback to shopping online, due to no standard payment system either for merchant or buyer. Example of this is PayPal, but unfortunately, PayPal did not allows users to withdraw money from local financial institution. In Malaysia, there are are single system that eliminate the needs to perform internet banking or conventional banking before a both party can complete and close the transaction. This is very time consuming, not to mention very inconvenience.

MEPS have come with a convenience solution that is very similar with their Bankcard application. In a nutshell, this application, FPX, is a gateway that allow users to buy, sell or pay over the internet from their own bank accounts. FPX was initiated by Bank Negara and it is both secure and safe to use. Currently, all major banks in Malaysia already participate with FPX. For more information about FPX, Read here. There is also a Malay version here.

You are welcome to contact me if you have any further questions.

Ramadan datang lagi

R.I.P - Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop

Roddick is best known as the driving force behind The Body Shop, a highly successful international chain of shops set up in 1976 which sold simple, ethical and environmentally-friendly beauty products.

The Body Shop, which has over 2,000 stores in more than 50 countries, was bought by French cosmetics chain L'Oreal last year for 652 million pounds (957 million euros, 1.3 billion dollars).- Yahoo! News

Pengambaran filem Jibam di Hulu Langat.

Novel klasik karya kartunis Ujang bakal difilemkan? Berita yang sememangnya menarik. Siapa yang bakal memegang watak utama? Bukan satu pilihan yang mudah.

Maka saya merasakan pendapat itu sudah muafakat dan apa yang kita harapkan hanyalah doa dari seluruh penduduk kampung belulang agar perancangan ini berjalan dengan - Ujang

Interview with Joe Kidd.

Update 7/9/07 : Dah upload. Sila click sini.

Remember Carburetor Dung? Remember every Wednesday issue of The Sun, when it used to be the coolest newspaper in town? Remember why we bought it? Wait for the interview with Joe Kidd in Sireh & Cengkeh, will be published in these few days. Hopefully.

Tun. Dr. Mahathir will undergo heart surgery.

Tun. Dr. Mahathir was admitted to IJN and will undergo heart surgery. Here is the official press statement.


Institut Jantung Negara, 3 September… YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad was admitted to Institut Jantung Negara yesterday (Sunday, September 2, 2007). This is in preparation for an elective coronary bypass surgery.

The surgery will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, September 4, 2007 at IJN.

This is Tun Dr Mahathir’s second coronary bypass. The first was done in 1989.

Tun Dr Mahathir will be attended to by a panel of doctors headed by YBhg Dato Seri Dr. Robaayah Zambahari, IJN’s Medical Director. YBhg Tan Sri Dr Yahya Awang who was the cardiac surgeon responsible for performing the first cardiac coronary bypass on Tun Dr Mahathir will be heading the surgery team.

Doctors have advised against Tun Dr Mahathir receiving any visitors with the exception of immediate family members.

For media enquiries please contact Sufi Yusoff

Other bloggers have the story here, here, here and here. Here are from The Star and Reuters.

Special prayers at Masjid Kampung Baru will be held after Isyak prayer tonight. To Tun & family, I wish all the best and we will pray for you.