Maulidur Rasul

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Selamat menyambut Maulidur Rasul. Selawat ke atas Rasullullah SAW, semoga hidup kita sentiasa diberkati Allah


Bloggers with big hearts

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In Malaysia, bloggers have a mix reputation. Some were even labeled as liars. Is that true? Does all that bloggers do are making up stories and writing blindly without any preferences? The label that was given to us, is very misleading. Majority of us write from the heart. I in fact, find some of the bloggers are very passionate about writing.

Here are some notable bloggers, just to list a few; those who wrote about other’s struggle just to live. Those who survive life threatening disease to inspire others to live to the fullest.

Pi Bani
Blogger : Pi Bani. Currently a volunteer with an NGO providing moral and emotional support to HIV infected persons. A great blog, very ‘young’ but very promising.

The self-satisfaction I get and the new things I learn from voluntary work are more precious than all that money can buy.

Blogger : Daphne Ling. Nice to see someone so young yet so sensitive to other people's problem, even extending a helping hand to the needy family. In recent post, she wrote about adik Siti Aisya Syazreen who has Fraser Syndrome -- her eyelids are fused

I believe in the power of the people; in strength in numbers; in the human spirit. I believe that there is always hope for society to become better, and I sincerely pray the future would be much better than the world we now live in.

Charity Blog
A blog by teenagers that focused on charity work and environmental issues.

Radin Galoh
A breast cancer survivor, she is a living testament of how the will to live and positive thinking can go along way. An inspiration to all cancer and other terminally ill patients out there.

Blowing Bubbles
Blogger : Dr Bubbles. I come across this blog accidentally and was touched by the blogger posting about adik Mohd Syazwan. He already lost his left eye due to retinoblastoma. His postings were very touching and sincere. When working with children and people with terminally ill diseases, it’s a bonus if you are also a clown, someone that is cheerful and can make the children to forget about their illness for a while. Apart from blogging, he is also, literally, a clown.

Pahit Manis
Blogger : Ahmad A Talib. An x-journalist and writer currently started to blog about current issues. His posting about fellow journalist, En. Karim (a winner of the country's top journalism award (Anugerah Kajai) in 2000) was picked up by mainstream newspaper and as a result, he was given the proper care he deserved.

Digg Malaysia Makes it to Digg's frontpage

Digg Malaysia, the rip-off version of Kevin Rose's Digg have finally made it big, making the elusive front page. But all for the wrong reason. I have dugg the story last year and this shady version was a blatant copy of the original version, with disregard of the intellectual property and creative ideas from the original Digg's team. Congratulation!

Hmm, the website is currently down though, is it for good? Update : Nope, it is still up and running.

Rumah di Taman Bukit Tiram dicerobohi orang jahat

Rumah keluarga kami di Taman Bukit Tiram telah di cerobohi petang semalam. Kejadian disedari oleh Mak Ju, jiran belakang rumah yang bertindak pantas memberitahu Makcik Niah (mak Sham) yang kemudian menelefon saya. Mak kami, yang ketika itu berada di Sarang Buaya, Semerah, bergegas ke tempat kejadian.

Rumah yang hanya berfungsi sebagai istana hinggap itu tidak berpenghuni dan hanya sekali sekala menerima pelawat. Penjahat masuk melalui pintu belakang dan bertindak menyelerakkan semua isi rumah dengan harapan dapat mencari barangan berharga. Tiada sebarang barangan berharga yang ada untuk dicuri, hanya mesin basuh semi automatik, peti ais 2 pintu dan komputer kelasik dengan OS window 3.1. Umur barangan itu jika dikumpulkan ialah sekitar 45 tahun.

Laporan polis telah dibuat pada jam 9 malam semalam di Balai Polis Ulu Tiram. Kerugian masih belum dapat diaggarkan kerana masih menunggu pihak polis untuk membuat siasatan & memeriksa tempat kejadian. Semoga kejadian seumpama ini tidak berulang lagi. Terima kasih kepada semua jiran yang baik hati dan telah bertindak dengan pantas.


Sembilan tahun sembilan tahun juga... Lu dah buat repot belum? Berapa banyak duit dalam tu - Hilang Punca

Essential websites for everyday web surfers

How many of us have the time to surf all of our favourite websites every time we go online? Here are some of the essential website that can maximise your limited time each time your are on cyberspace.


If you are like me, like to browse the web and wish I had more time to visit each of my favorites website, you probably would instantly love this Popurls. It is a simple, one page website that compile all the popular websites, from bookmarks (, Reddit) photo (flickr) to news (Google News) and video (YouTube). There are also feeds from popular website on technology and the list are endless.

The layout is easy to understand and can be adjusted to reader’s preference. It is a must for surfers with limited time in hand.


How many of us download music from the web? There are lots of websites offering latest music downloads but chances are, majority of the musics are either too bubble pop or annoying for me. Want to search for your own music? Bit torrent website is cool but can be a hassle and p2p software (such as Limewire) requires installation. Maybe the answer is G2P. It is simple and hassle free.

Just type the band you searching for and click to any of the link provided. It is free and easy. Apart from music, you can also search for software.


Schoolr is a search engine with a bit of twist. It is not as powerful as Google but it does help a lot with different choices it offers. For someone that is searching for information, Schoolr does fetch and crawl the web efficiently for answers. Kids, and moms, make this your default homepage now.


Sms or short text messaging have been such an important part of our daily life. We talk and send short messages all the time. There are websites offering sms services from the internet but not without their shortcoming. Either it cost you to register for the service or it is limited to certain selected provider.

GizmoSms is an internet sms service that is free and let you send text message to 65 countries. That is, my friend, a lot. It is simple to use and the message didn’t take too arrive either. Try it.


If you are a Web 2.0 junkie and always on the lookout of new Web 2.0 related websites and services, you may want to check out this website. Go2web20 is a complete directory of all Web 2.0 websites out there. Tons of websites to check out and browse through, the interface are very cool but can take a while to fully display all the websites. User can use the search box to find their preferred website and they can also suggest new website.

The Invasion of Iraq, 4th Anniversary

March 20th will mark the 4th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq lead by The United State Of America. The main reason was to disarm weapon of mass destruction,which, until now failed to be found anywhere in Iraq. The war has caused thousands of death and send Iraq to a total state or anarchy & destruction. The invading troops claimed to have the situation under control, a claim that is nothing but a lie. The death of Saddam Hussein did not solve anything. The Shia and Sunni still fighting each other while the west just clapping their hands, milking Iraqi's oil away for their bulky & expensive MPV's.

Last February, Perdana Global Peace Forum have staged a Conference in Kuala Lumpur entitle EXPOSE WAR CRIMES: CRIMINALISE WAR which ended with the KL Declaration. Participants and visitors to the conference were treated with war stories and graphic images of the Iraqis people & the suffering that they have to endure each and every day. Don't let the war to continue, sign the petition now!

Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Read more about Iraq in Yahoo! News. Here for more photos of people protesting on Flickr.

The misquoted minister and Malaysia Blogger Club

Rocky and Tengku Adnan were sitting side by side today at a press conference after the National Press Club-Celcom VMY Treasure Hunt 2007. The minister denied making comments about Malaysian bloggers. Read all about it here.

What interest me was Rocky's answer about a blogging club, which he responded,
We are working on it. I need to speak to more bloggers. We might be able to make an announcement in April

Well, looking forward to it

Play of the day. Jurassic 5

Jurassic 5 is long lost hip-hop group that may seem a bit out of place in today music scene. Their music is old-school and melodic, spontaneous and intelligent. Their name was mention in the same breath as De La Soul, Mos Def and The Tribe Call Quest.

What cool about them is, unlike the usually sexist and often glorifying gang culture which is synonym with mainstream hip-hop culture, Jurassic 5 doesn't carry any of those elements. They are more into the ethos of having fun & friendship. Their lyrics are full with social commentary & everyday politics. No bling-bling, no crappy, egoistic lyrics. They also toured outside the hip-hop circuit and collaborated with artist from other genre, for example Dave Matthews Band for the song Work It Out ( great video featuring George Bush, jogging) . Majority of the group are Muslims.

Check out their music videos here. Here's a clip of the group, being interviewed in Henry Rollins show.

What meen the world to me is bein' free
Live and let live and just let it be (Let it be)
Love peace and harmony,
one universal familyOne God,
one aim and one destiny - Freedom

Idiot's guide to Ricecooker shop

Ricecooker is not only a blog, but it actually exist in a physical form. Have not been to Central Market for ages. So guys, now you have a good reason to go. Check out Joe's blog for a very easy to understand, fool prof map to the shop.

Tengku Adnan, Tourism Malaysia & Women Blogger

Tengku Adnan, Malaysia's Tourism Minister have been making headlines in the blogsphere recently regarding his comments about Malaysian blogger, especially women blogger. Read Nuraina's blog to understand the chronicle event. For the complete newspaper report, go here. If you don't read Mandarin, like me, you can instead read the translated version. Read here and here to read what some of our heavyweight bloggers have to say.

Posts that contain Tengku Adnan per day for the last 30 days.
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Flickr Group Lomo Malaysia

Cross of the cross, originally uploaded by Blabak.

Come on guys, join in the fun. The official Lomographic is selling the old-skool, dead-stock Lomo Smena 8M, which i bet can be found much cheaper on Ebay. This one, I bet is one kick ass toy.

International Women's Day

Today, March 8th is the International Women's Day. It is celebrated all over the world in recognizing women's contribution and role in our daily life. Yon can visit here to learn more about it.

For me, no other woman is more special, strong, loving and caring then my mother, Fuziah Bt Ali. Sorry for not being able to be there with you all the time. Love you Mak! Thank you and kisses also to all women that have made me the man I am today, especially teachers, makciks and, last but not least, my wonderful wife. Click here for more news on Google and Yahoo news .

As a woman I have no country. As a woman my country is the whole world. - Virginia Woolf

Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got - Janis Joplin

Malaysia Transparency Perception Survey 2007

In a recent survey conducted by Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M) and the Merdeka Centre for Opinion Research, Transparency Perception Survey 2007, the result was rather expectable then shocking; corruption is very serious in Malaysia. Police was given a big thumb-down with 59% of the correspondents voting them as deemed to be corrupt.

The survey polled 1,025 respondents from the public and 411 from the corporate sector.

Other keys finding from the survey include:

1. 40% of the public and 52% of the corporate respondents said public sector integrity remained unchanged in the past 12 months;

2. 46% (public) and 26% (corporate) expect this to improve in the next 12 months;

3. 40% (public) and 54% (corporate) said private sector integrity remained the same
in the past 12 months;

4. 45% (public) and 29% (corporate) expect this to improve in the next year;

5. 30% (public) and 47% (corporate) admitted to having paid bribes or knowing someone who had done so, mainly to avoid inconvenience;

6. Bribe-paying experience among the public: Chinese (58%), Indian (23%), Malay (14%). [56% of the people polled were Malay, 34% Chinese and 10% Indian];

7. 54% of the public and 71% of the corporate respondents said there was no transparency in government procurement processes.

8. 95% of the public and 82% of the corporate respondents supported legislation to protect whistle blowers; and

9. 78% of the public and 76% of the corporate respondents want the ACA to report to Parliament.

Read here and here for more details.(Source & image : The Sun)

Want to display your photographs in a museum in Switzerland?

The Musée de l'Elysée in Lausanne Switzerland wants to put your work on their gallery walls. You can upload your photographs via the web and if selected, they'll email you a photograph of your work on display in the gallery. Check out We Are All Photographers Now! for more information on how to participate. - Flickr Blog

Upload your images here and hope they will be displayed in the galleries, soon.

Malaysian Economy and media spin

I wonder, is Malaysia economy is really that great today? Then, why do the government cancelled the textbook subsidy, increase the toll rate (so drastically)? Why do many of us still didn't get a hefty checks or bonuses, heck, don't even have a decent jobs?

Kesimpulannya, perangkaan yang lebih terperinci, fakta-fakta yang lebih konkrit dan kesan fizikal yang lebih ketara adalah diperlukan sebelum berita gembira ini akan diterima sebagai hakikat dan bukan satu lagi “spin” indah khabar dari berita oleh media massa arus perdana - A Kadir Jasin

That's why I don't buy newspaper anymore (especially NST)

KIRI - Finalist for BMW short film award

KIRI, filem karya Tok Rimau terpilih sebagai salah satu dari 10 perserta akhir ( pilihan juri ) BMW short film award. Sokongan dan undian kawan-kawan sekalian sangat berharga. Untuk mengundi filem KIRI sila ke sini, sebelum 5pm , 7 Mac. Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila lawati weblog Tok Rimau.