Patung permainan Big Foot

Peluang anda untuk memiliki Big Foot sendiri. Tidak perlu bersusah payah meredah hutan Endau Rompin atau ikut serta program Seekers anjuran Uncle. Terdapat dalam 3 warna yang menarik. Tidak pakai ruang yang banyak atau nafsu makan yang rakus. Yang berminat boleh ke website bigfootone.

Silverfish New Writing 6

Silverfish Books is calling for submission for Silverfish New Writing 6 project. Closing Date: 31st March 2006. For more info, go to silverfish official website or visit the bookstore:

silverfish books sdn bhd
67-1 jalan telawi tiga
bangsar baru59100
kuala lumpur malaysia

tel: (603) 228 448 37
fax: (603) 228 448 39

CRADLE Projekt | ArtBlookazine Assemblage

What, CRADLE Projekt?

Cool project need your support!

Cradle stands for Corak Rekabentuk Alternatif Dalam Lakaran Ekspresif/Alternative Design Pattern in Expressive Perspective.The projekt is devoted to all blogger that use blog/web as a medium to express theircreativitism and idealism in Art, Illustration, Graphics, Comics Activities.It's a small step taken by a art assemblage that called themselves Kembara as a medium for all Artist, Illustrator,Graphics Designer, Comicus to expressed their creativity.

Connecting and publishing artblogger creative contents and spread the message would revolt art. The concept of design architectural and creative development in one art assemblage, The ArtBlook Assemblage. Read more about the project, terms and conditions here

State-of-the-art shoes to aid illegal imigrants jump border

Artist Judi Werthein has walked smack into the middle of this controversy. She is hoping to leave her footprint with a special "crossing trainer" she has designed to help illegal immigrants negotiate the sometimes deadly terrain they encounter when crossing the border from Mexico to the US. Migrants waiting for dark to hop the border fence from Tijuana into San Diego start calling out their shoe sizes when they see the boxes in Werthein's arms. People start emerging from their makeshift homes in rusted cars and the cement channel that runs parallel to the border fence and drains Tijuana's fetid run-off. Some have been waiting for months in this no-man's land for their chance to cross into San Diego.

The once free shoes is now a collecters item. A pair of Werthein's Brincos are displayed on a pedestal under glass with a price tag of $215 (pound sterling 125).Read the full story here and here


Telefon murah Motorola dijual di Malaysia, Motorola W220

Pengarah Operasi Strategik, Pasaran Berpertumbuhan Tinggi, Bahagian Peranti Mudah Alih, Motorola, David Taylor, berkata telefon bimbit Motorola yang akan diperkenalkan ialah C113 dan C113a yang sudah dijual di beberapa negara tertentu mulai awal tahun ini.

Di bawah program itu, penyedia perkhidmatan di negara membangun boleh membeli telefon terbabit untuk dipasarkan di bawah pakej murah kepada pelanggan,”katanya.

Di Malaysia secara khusus, kami berhasrat menjalin kerjasama de­ngan semua penyedia perkhidmatan. Secara langsungnya, Telenor adalah satu daripada syarikat telekomunikasi terbesar dunia turut serta dalam inisiatif itu dan Telenor juga mempunyai kaitan secara langsung dengan DiGi di Malaysia,” katanya lagi.

Beliau berkata demikian kepada wartawan Malaysia sempena Kongres Dunia 3GSM 2006, di Barcelona, minggu lalu.
Berita Harian Online - Ilmu & Maklumat (Malaysia)

Force Vomit - Singapore's last rock and rolll hero.

Force Vomit is a violence name for a band, if you ask me. Especially for these guys that look really wasnt scaring anyone. They come from Singapore and their song is about flying saucers, Changi airport and people that we all don’t know. So, why do I get hooked on them. You have to her them to understand.

Singapore and Malaysia indie scene (effectionatly called the underground) can be very serious and tired looking at time. Bands popping up with heavy emphasis on ethic, phylosophy and ideas, but lack in one important factor. Fun. This is just the band that grab you by the neck and scream party! at you everytime you listen to them. Guys playing surf music and singing about adolences, in thick Malay accent. Singapore dont produce many fun bands since the classic Rockers (rokkkkk) anymore. Only one band in our scne that i think can rock a crowd this hard, and they are Plague Of Hapiness from Pasir Gudang. So far they have released 2 CD albums, 2 demo cassettes and their song was featured in the film Dari Jemapoh to Mancester.

The sordid saga that is the Vorce Fomit story started in late 1993 when four night-shift taxi drivers decided to take musical matters into their own hands and start their own band. This motley crew of treble spankers has had many line-up changes and messy misadventures since then - with one thing in common - they still can't play their instruments properly. Despite charming obstacles like being expected to play for free 90% of the time (and in the few instance when they do get moolah, get labeled sellout by dogmatic scenesters) and a media that tries its best to pretend 'local music' doesn't exist (and in the few instance when they do get exposure, get labeled 'sellout' by dogmatic scenesters), these style-deprived shenanigans are here to stay.

Visit their website for more information about them. Free MP3s for beginers and check the listing, they may be coming to a place like you!


Selepas projeck pertama mereka yang berjaya, Basri Kini kembali dengan PROJEK BUKU JIWA KACAU 2. Untuk syart-syarat penyertaan, sila ke blog Jiwa Kacau

Building Bridges Between Islam And The West

"The danger of ignoring this essential aspect of our existence is not just spiritual or intellectual. It also lies at the heart of the great divine between the Islamic and Western worlds over the place of materialism in our lives. In those instances where Islam chooses to reject Western materialism, this is not , in my view, only a political affection or the result of envy or a sense of inferiority. Quite the opposite. And the danger that the gulf between the worlds of Islam and the other major Eastern religions on the one hand, and the West on the other, will grow even wider and more unbridgeable is real, unless we can explore together practical ways of integrating the sacred and the secular in both our cultures in order to provide a true inspiration for the next century."

Taken from Prince Charles' speech, 'A Sense Of The Sacred, Building Bridges Between Islam And The West, at a Foreign Office Seminar, 13th December 1996

Haziq senyum senget, hujan lebat di Danga Bay

senyum senget, originally uploaded by Syed Syahrul Zarizi.

Blooker Prize 2006

The Lulu Blooker Prize is the world's first literary prize devoted to "blooks": books based on blogs or websites.

Awarded in three categories:
Fiction , Non-Fiction , Comics

Prizes total $4,000:
- $2,000 to an overall winner
- $1,000 to the other category winners

Entry to the 2006 Lulu Blooker Prize is now closed. The short-list for each category will be announced March 6, 2006, and the winners will be announced April 3, 2006. Entry will soon reopen for the 2007 Blooker Prize. Keep an eye on our blog for all new developments, or sign up today to receive news of the 2007 Blooker. - Lulubookerprize

What is 'blook'? : books based on blogs or websites.

joe's murmurings & rare music

Joe Ng is a lagend. Anyone that have been following the local Singapore indie scene will testify to it. The godfather of their underground scene.

"Formed in 1991, Padres is Joe Ng's vehicle to realise his musical ambitions. Comprising of friends from other bands, Padres remains more as an ad hoc rock outfit. Previous members include Abdul Nizam and Jong Aik (The Nonames), Patrick Chng and Vincent Lee (The Oddfellows), Francis Frightful and Ray Aziz (Opposition Party), Ben Harrison (Electric Penguin ETC), Adam Yusop (Global Chaos) and Idham 'Budi' Budiman (Cracked Healer), amongst others. Even the moniker was a case of last minute name picking. During their first gig at Marina Village four years ago.

Joe chose 'Padres' simply because that's the first thing he saw - drummer Abdul Nizam t-shirt of the US baseball team. Since then, Padres have released one mini album, What's Your Story (1994), one single, Radio Station (1993) and they have contributed tracks to a few compilation albums (two of which were played by legendary UK DJ John Peel on his BBC World Service, John Peel Show). Joe Ng has even found time to dabble in some acting, landing the lead role in Eric Khoo's highly acclaimed movie, Mee Pok Man...." (taken from SUBTITUTE)

He is writing his own blog, and it is a must visit to those who, like me, love the scene way back in the 90's. Check out the list of rare song from bands like Force Vomit ( my favourite's surf hero!), HumpbackOak, Oddfellows, Padres & Sugarflies.

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